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For me, a single something, being at home means watching those couples' TikTok datf while cooking a pasta dinner for one. Social distancing has made me even more aware of my single status, and now, more than ever, I've been longing to find that person - my person. But since dating can't happen face to face right eate, I decided to take matters into my own hands and went on a first date with a Bumble match via FaceTime. Here's what happened. My Outfit It took me a while to figure out what to wear.

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Surprisingly, Cha still had a slight case of the first-date jittersnervous to meet the guy I had only ever texted. Yes, that was probably mostly due to the fact that he was great, but the entire experience made the prospect of virtual dates a lot less daunting. In February, Tinder announced its acquisition of Wheela video startup similar to Snapchat's stories, reported TechCrunch.

As we said our goodbyes, we agreed that this is something we would totally do again.

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And, let's face it, no one likes being catfished! We both smiled and said hi, and immediately his image froze. Like I said before, I think videos will amp up your online dating and dating app game and provide you with yet another way to get to know someone. Plus, it seems like a fun way to get to know your matches better. We spoke about places we've traveled to and shared music we both like.

For me, a single something, being at home means watching those couples' TikTok videos while cooking a pasta dinner for one. Here's what happened. And the more you know, the better, right?! Our in-depth profiles already give our users increased confidence that they won't be wasting their time — which is a big part of the reason we're seeing five video date chat the of dates resulting from Hinge.

The Time and Place We picked our date time as 3 p. Anyone who is photo-verified on Bumble will be able to use BumbleVID, and you'll be able to either post them on your profile for everyone to see, or only share them with your matches.

He picked up, and a pixelated face filled my computer screen. If you're wondering how the videos work, you can just swap any of your profile photos for a video you have on Instagram, Facebook, or your iPhone camera roll. Over the course vieo 40 seconds, your blur will fade from percent to 0.

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The goal was to really try to get to know each other videi keep as much normalcy as we could muster in a situation such as this. Here are some dating apps that use video featuresas well as one that will soon. I wouldn't be able to read his body language to gauge interest, and this could turn out to be painfully awkward. Back in January, TechCrunch reported that Bumble will be rolling out BumbleVID, a feature like Snapchatenabling users to second videos that disappear after 24 hours.

Just another obstacle to face while dating in this medium.

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Thank goodness. Lively already let you connect with others via video profiles, but with the video chat, you don't just have to use it as a dating tool, but as a way to get to converse with and get video date chat know other men and women on the app. We broke the ice and had a laugh about how we were vifeo chilling on our respective beds as one does in isolationand as a little caveat, we agreed to attempt to talk about things other than the heartbreaking news.

Technical Difficulties As the phone rang, my nerves heightened. As of June 28, Lively, too, has stepped up their dating app game by adding a blurring feature to their videos, which I'll get to in a moment. He was laid-back, a good listener, and incredibly easy to talk to.

We even decided to make a collaborative reggae playlist and loosely made plans for a post-isolation trip to a national park. After all, a date dqte a date no matter the unusualness of the circumstances. I don't know what it was, whether it was his cute smile or his infectious energy, but I felt entirely at ease with this stranger. My Outfit It took me a while to figure out what to wear. Do I put on full first-date attire?

I Went on a First Date Over Video Chat, and Here's What Happened hot female Margaret

For instance, Hinge just launched their video feature on June Now, several dating apps have launched video featuresso you can get to know someone in a whole new way. Xate took us a while to get our technological footing - my connection wasn't great either. We chatted about how we keep busy and reflected on where we are in life and where we want to be. But after turning my WiFi on and off again a few times, we got it to work, and then the date really began.

Like I mentioned, they've launched an augmented live video chat. Technical difficulties. Video date chat would definitely recommend! We talked about how we've changed over the years and exchanged college memories.

Sounds like a win-win-win, right?! Video is another giant step forward.

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Despite having this virtual date in the comfort of my room, I decided to put my best foot forward. It's like a combo of the video features of Instagram, Snapchat, and Skype, a Luvr spokesperson tells Bustle. Other features will come later, too, such as geotagging, filters, and stickers. But since dating can't happen face to face right now, I decided to take matters into my own hands and went on video date chat first date with a Bumble match via FaceTime.

Whatever the case may be, I think videos will only make matching and meeting people IRL that much easier.