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If you are not in the CS lab, download the appropriate client for your system, decompress it, install chars, and execute it. personal identification information in the mIRC setup and choose a nickname, aka aliaswhich you will be known by on IRC. Click on the Connect to IRC server!

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Good thing our station repeats the show Sunday or I wouldn't be able to hear it. Nikki: I must be off Grey: BGates - administrate, eh?

personal identification information in the mIRC setup and choose a nickname, aka aliaswhich you will be known by on IRC. Grey: Entertaining, though. Good job, Liz.

Thanks for the study break! I'm starving. The bars afterwards were a nice touch.

Grey: Gerald etymologoicla? Val is disappointed. Was fun. When Hide Alerts is on, you'll find a crescent moon icon next to the conversation.

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MPR: Who are you Liz? Val: everything from about to about 5 minutes ago SF-Jim: gk. Cassandra: So what game do we play next week? If you don't see the option to leave, it might mean one or more of the users isn't using a device with iMessage. MPR: Liz, you got plenty of votes gk: Liz?

You can also swipe left over the group text and tap the Alerts buttonif the group text isn't pinned. It's frozen in Minnesota for more than 15 min. You can't remove yourself from these group texts, but you can mute the conversation.

Notethis is not a common channel, if you are the first to connect, the channel will be created and you will need to wait for others to you. How to mute your messages Go to the group text message. Gerald: I was too text chats reading to solve the puzzle. Learn more about managing your notifications. I love puzzle.

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Dan: Scrollback - that's hard to chatx unless you server is sloooow gk: BillB, you aren't having fun yet? Goof: Gerald Baltimore around Thanksgiving.

Dan: Thanks MPR and crew - had fun! Take care. All non-command text typed is transmitted to everyone on the channel.

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Goof: and I don't want to "goof" it up If the nickname you have selected is in use the server will warn you and you must choose chays new nickname immediately or you will be automatically disconnected. Thanks, MPR.

Grey: Twice, even. Learn more about Messages If you get messages that look like spam or junk, or from someone who's not saved in your Contacts, you can report the messages as junk or block the contact.

Hide Alerts stops notifications for a specific group text, not your device. To leave a group text, all participants need to be using iMessage. BillB: Will someone eventually post a description of how it ought to have been entertaining text chats do this exercise?

YAY Grey: I'm about to faint from hunger, but other than that Gates and Mr. Dan: Myerhoff in downtown B'more!

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Grey: I wonder if anyone thought AEnigma was gk? Grey: Oh. Gerald: Showdown at the Entymological corral!