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The small plane crashed along what was described as a service road in Grand Prairie minutes after it took off.

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Biden's ire toward the White House did not extend to the Capitol, however. A that with a new administration we can confront these threats on a bipartisan sote with a united front here at home. Latest Stories. Unlike at many restaurants, opening at reduced capacity makes little sense for a venue paying to book bands and staff for a show.

As long as the pandemic continued to rip through the country — on Wednesday alone, California tallied more than 50, new cases and deaths, both records — indoor concerts seemed a distant hypothetical. For these reasons, I voted no on passage of this legislation. The small plane crashed along what was described as a service road in Grand Prairie minutes after it took off. But the bill was embedded within a larger COVID relief package that, although passed by the House, had stalled out in the Republican-led Senate in fall.

Even mega-promoters like Live Nation and AEG have seen revenues yerre and instituted draconian layoffs and cutbacks.

The court said site terre haute chat gay could have planted evidence and ordered the former boxer freed. For L. It's uncertain how long it would actually take for applications to be processed and checks to arrive. Protestors used bear spray against police while entering the building before they were pushed out by police using pepper spray, according to the Statesman Journal, whose photographer was shoved by protestors while capturing the event. It would be a bitter irony if clubs that have lasted this long ran out of funds now, with an end to the pandemic finally in sight.

More stories from theweek.

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He instead supported opening the economy and trimming wasteful spending in the budget in order to stop creating additional debt for future generations. Prosecutors appealed the ruling and won at the Tokyo High Court, prompting Mr Hakamada to move the case to the Supreme Court, which on Wednesday ruled in his favour, backing the retrial. That should be encouraging to the American people and a warning to our adversaries.

This assault happened on Donald Sie watch, when he wasn't watching. Swier, who runs the downtown L.

Although nothing is final yet, Save Our Stages seems closer to becoming law than it ever has been. We bailed gya the airlines, but how about the venues where we all have memories?

Rick Scott Fla. I know there are some good things in it.

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Cruz and Lee also pushed back against lawmakers being given just hours to read several thousand s of legislation. I received it just moments ago, and will likely be asked to vote on it late tonight. Amy Klobuchar D-Minn. Biden said he was pleased to see lawmakers from both parties speak out "loudly and clearly" against the security breach.

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Iwao Hakamada has lived under a death sentence for more than half a century, after being convicted of robbing and murdering his boss, the man's wife, and herre two teenaged children. The club announced this week it was on the verge of closing. Cruz said the bill "advances the interests of the radical Left, special interests, and swamp lobbyists, with funding going towards expanding authority for more H-2B visas for foreign workers while a near record of Americans wite unemployed[.

Pence is now bending. While Blackburn acknowledged that the legislation had a of positives, including the development and distribution of vaccines, assistance to schools and help for small businesses, she said it fhat at too high a cost and included a of measures she could not support. Groups like the National Independent Venue Assn.

COVID stimulus is on its way. Klobuchar said. None of his venues have had a show or any meaningful revenue since county and state regulations silenced clubs and concerts in the spring. He accused the Trump administration of failing to prioritize cybersecurity and letting their guard down in the first place, but also expressed frustration with Trump site terre haute chat gay downplaying the seriousness of the hack and failing to officially identify a perpetrator, whom the intelligence community widely suspects is the Kremlin.

We urge swift passage of this legislation, which will assist those in the greatest need and ensure the music lives on for generations to come. The measure was included in the Heroes Act passed by the Democratic-led house in November, but as negotiations over a comprehensive bill ground down in the Senate, its prospects dimmed, as did any sense among venue operators that help was ever coming. In a rare about-face for Japan's rigid justice system, a district court in the central city of Shizuoka in granted his request for a retrial.

The six senators were mostly critical of the financial and physical scale of the bill. The 5, bill handily passed in the House before being approved by the Senate With another six months of shutdown looming even with widespread vaccination, that money could mean the difference between shuttering and surviving. She was careful to note that the exact language of the aid package was still being finalized.

AOC is right. Interiorstate This week, Michael Swier had an unusual feeling for a music venue owner in optimism that government might do something to help him. But the day when they can fling open their doors might still be six months or more in the future. Mr Hakamada had confessed to the crime but later recanted in court citing his allegedly brutal police interrogation and planted evidence.

Government needs to recognize the value of small institutions like ours.