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Margaret of Scotland in Selden - St. Louis de Montfort in Sound Beach - St. Luke's in Brentwood - St.

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Saint Mary's Church Canandaigua | St. Benedict Parish | Canandaigua and Bloomfield, NY

The diocese required the priest to receive psychological counseling, and it later ased him as chaplain to an 'area' hospital, allowing him to celebrate Mass at a parish on weekends. If so, why? If you were picking a surrogate, which of these women woudl you choose and why?

If not, what if any restrictions would you impose on the practice? Rose of Lima in after the diocese received an accusation that the priest had abused a year-old boy and the se brother.

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The pastor told the grand jury he 'never made an official report to anyone in the diocese' about the priest. In particular, what does the Vatican declaration say about whether married couples have the right to ? Louis de Montfort in Sound Beach - St. October 12 4. Remember to come to class with the sheet that I passed out on Monday filled out.

Vollmer et al. Second, what concerns does the Church have about the children that come about through reproductive technologies? This one is on Reserve Tape 1 a. What did you think when browsing through these for surrogates and egg donors? The writings of Lisa Cahill and Fr. Surprisingly enough, this is not as hard as it sounds!

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Theologically, what should be considered? Please come to class with the Living Will form filled out though we may not get to it until Friday's class ; and as you do the reading, pay particular attention to the details of the Karen Quinlan case on XP, pp. Is death the worst thing there is? Surrogate motherhood a.

First, what concerns does the Church have about the way most reproductive technologies achieve procreation? September 28 2. Some even include pictures of prospective egg donors. September 30 4.

Before you come to the lecture, write out a question on a 3 x 5 index card on the ethical or medical aspects of reproductive technologies that you would like to ask Dr. Base your answer on the online information about the surrogacy contract.

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There's also a site devoted to the religious and ethical implications of cloning which includes a description of the biology behind the procedure and one containing the report of the Pontifical Academy for Life on cloning. James in Seaford - St.

Which of the technologies or new reproductive possibilities described in the readings for today concerns you most? Browse through these. Kevorkian Home on the web, which profiles many of the patients Kevorkian has assisted in suicide. Take a look. Harmon [XP, p.

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Cranford, M. October 9 3.

October 5 D. Asch, M. There is also a state-by-state listing of infertility clinics across the country. Quill comes from the New England Journal of Medicine. Based upon your reading of the Vatican declaration on euthanasia and the accompanying articles which explain it, does the Church ever allow active euthanasia?

Based upon all the above articles and resources, should paid surrogacy be karys the law? What moreal issues are involved in bringing third parties into human procreation?

The recommended article by Dr. The U. Discussion of the moral issues behind reproductive technologies a. What are the options available for excess frozen embryos at the Atlanta Reproductive Health Clinic? After visiting some of the sperm banks, what are your thoughts about online reproduction? How does the teaching from Humanae Vitae and the teaching from the Declaration on Abortion enter into the Vatican Declaration on reproductive technologies?

In light of your response to this question, how do you evaluate the morality of the procedures Dr. October 2 5. Is a surrogacy arrangement more like adoption or prostitution? An associate pastor testified that he heard 'horsing around' in the priest's bedroom and believed it was sexual in nature.