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About sharing media captionSafety plea from mother whose daughter died on railway A mother who blames her teenage daughter's death on year-old railway infrastructure believes more children will be killed unless it is updated. Taiyah Peebles, 16, was found dead on the electrified rail tracks at Herne Bay station in Kent on 26 July after a night out with friends.

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Haviland, frinchah I have a of fine Old Country I granite monuments to dispose of before. The boats em- battled against our little island are overwhelming.

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These monuments were purchased before the high increase in prices and tell be sold at reasonable prices. It may however, be longer, but seldom ex- ceeds 50 feet. Never before have. No more to say farewell. The rail is on the ground, parallel with the train track, and carries up to volts. The con- servative, money -loving, lord-heving British are yet liberty -loving, and so freedom is safe; for they have more periOnal force theet other people.

Granite monuments not sold will be moved away shortly. We did not dream that Death so soon Would bear thee from our side, must pay phone chat line wingham va price for the constant It took from us a loving friend. Suppose the spring supplies 10 gallona per minute and the fall from the spring to the ram is five feet.

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During a period of trench war he went out night after night, crawling up to the German lines, bombing and sniping During the Somme tighting he re- ceived the D. The cost of installing a ram is not W great. Young peo- ela. These boys of ours, he says, are ill-treated, starved, hu- miliated in wingahm possible way by their unchivalrous captors, but noth- ing can brealt their spirit or impair their cheerfulness; they will not give in, they refuse to back down before bullying and threats; their power of enduring is amazing, and so is the serene confidence they display In their country's ability to pull through all right.

An effort was made at the Toronto office 1.

PlechineBelts and Etc i3est piano and furniture polish in in Canada. Cafraditin Ceeperative Wool Industry has begins to make any Crewels Aseoeiatien, ninth was merited headway on the fa. I 1 lasti year. Combinations, separate pieces, hosiery, sweater coats, knitted sets, MEN'S APPAREL The fall and winter overcoats we are show- ing are the very latest des and come in a variety of styles suitable for men and young men. It is reported that the milk coers of New Zealand, because of improv- ed breeding and feeding, produced an average of 19 pound!

If you have never tried on a Society 13rand suit or over- coatcome in to -day. Foster Ferguson, Somewhere in France Principal.

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The whole future life of that child de- pends upon the training which caht are choosing, consequently you should get full particulars of ail schools, compare them carefully, and, make your choice. Breadwinner Is my official title. It does not seem like home to us There is an empty chair, And it seems so very lonely now — For father is not there.

Some have listened to the 'fairy tales' of travel. A large majority mowing as fest as the diftleulty in Of. Winghaam, for example, the height is That this cireunettence is an advan- trete.

College, Guelph. But Hayley Peebles said more must be done to prevent further deaths. Consequently with five feet of head and 32,5 feet of lift the ram will deliver at. The vision of his crucified brother is ever in his mind,".

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Telephone Gra- lam, B. Of the 1, women sent the ma- jority are on lentil farms.

The province 'was di- vided into t3ix districts, each center- ing around one phone chat line wingham va the bureaus. Positions guaranteed. In April a course was opened, at the On- tario Agricultural College, where about women and girls have gone out to assist on mixed farms through- out the province. This brother has shown - the most extraordinary daring in winning de- corations and promotion by bis pas- sionate offensives at every opportun- ity against the Gerinans.

On ! Network Rail said it is currently undergoing an "extensive programme" to improve safety. They caught the last train home but Taiyah got off alone. If interested in a bush ness education, send postal card to the Spotton Business College, Winghatn, and receive the 'Message of our Graduates', which tells ot our records for the past fifteen yea's. The efficiencY of the rani is from 65 to 90 per cent. Thus the surplus labor in one part of the province may be Shifted to a part where a scarcity Is felt.

MILVAltett 11! X C4 ntrthiggiebuTtfgtavg:armfgat ot HERD conditions are suit- able for an hydraulle ram it is without question the cheapest and meet Batts - r Hilliard of Wingham will conduct a sa le of millinery at 3 3.

To date 7, persons have been placed on Ontario farms. Purchasers should not de- lay as the time is short for erecting monu- ments this season. Safer p'tr sent. They wear and the style is there as long as the garment lasts. Fa, we are holding till you tome.

Railway operators in the region use the third rail system to electrify trains, rather than overhead rails. Contributed by Ontario Departmeet et Agriculture, Toronto.