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Phoenix chat rooms

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UserSocket do use Phoenix.

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UserSocket do use Phoenix. Now we can use the room to initiate a new channel for our topic, using the room we got from cyat path.

Now that we have our working, we need to create create a way for users to roomd messages to the room. If we go to our chat again and then inspect the browser console, we see our message is logged letting us know we ed our channel successfully.

This will be a little different from the chat room application we built in episode 38 - where we had a single room. CreateMessages do use Ecto. Bryan Bryce What program did you use to check the database?

And we see our chat box and form. Then if we do a quick check of the database - we see our messages are there.

Now we can use channel. Great, and we can also test that our messages are pushed out only to people in that specific chat room.

This phoeniix send our event to the server, where it will be picked up by our WaterCoolerChannel. Great, now we need to save our messages when someone posts one in the chat. And in the app.

We only see the messages for that specific room are displayed. But what we have here will work for our application.

ChatView do use TeacherWeb, :view end With that we can create the template for our chat room. We see our schema with our body and name fields. Once we have those we can send them to the server with channel.

And go back to the browser and post some messages. Our last piece will be to update our template to load any existing messages for the room. Since the topic is stored as a field on our socket, we can pattern match on it to get the room.

We see that our lo and the name of our chat room is being displayed. And if we go back to our chat and refresh the - we see our existing messages are loaded.

# Multiple Room Chat Application

If we refresh the - our messages are lost. Our default code also shows how we can channels with a topic.

Controller do use ChatWeb, :controller alias Chat.