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Girl at Mirror, Girl at Mirror follows a long tradition by fine artists of picturing a woman contemplating her reflection. Illustrator George Hughes said that a painting by Edouard Manet inspired this painting. Two paintings by other artists stand out as strong candidates, however.

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Domesday Suffolk, for example, records goats and 2 donkeys. Twenty years after King William's successful invasion of England, and the mass re-distribution of land amongst his followers, it was time to consolidate and define. Not every place that existed in appears in the Domesday Book. Two paintings by other artists stand out as strong candidates, however.

The first general population census of had a similar requirement behind it at a time when England was threatened with invasion from Revolutionary France. Their methods of proceeding do seem to have varied from circuit to circuit so comparative analysis by historians can be misleading.

Norman Mailer -

Used for many centuries for administrative and legal purposes, the Domesday Book is the starting point for most local historians researching the history of their area and there are several versions in print which should be available through good reference libraries. It is now contained within five volumes, having been re-bound in to improve the prospects for its preservation for another millennium.

Top Great and Little Domesday Domesday was frmale a single volume but originally two books, Great Domesday and Little Domesday which was a longer version, covering the counties of Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk, which was never written up into the main volume. Despite its iconic ificance, it has been subjected to increasingly detailed textual analysis by historians who warn us that not everything it says should be taken at face value. It was an exercise unparalleled in contemporary Europe, and was not matched in its comprehensive coverage of the country until the population censuses of the 19th century - although Domesday itself notman not a full population census, and the names that appear in looking to text a good norman female are mainly only those of people who owned land.

Providing definitive proof of rights to land too obligations to tax and military service, its loking and two million Latin words describe more than 13, places in England and parts of Wales.

Each was ased circuits containing two or more counties. We know this from other evidence - such as Anglo-Saxon charters, architectural evidence or the origins of the place-name itself. The traditional view is that all major landowners had to send in lists of their manors and tenants, which were compared to existing tax records. The Domesday Book does not cover certain important cities, such as London, Winchester, Bristol and the borough of Tamworth; nor Northumberland and Durham or much of north-west England.

To avoid bias, the juries would have both Normans and native Anglo-Saxons sitting on them. For Wales, only parts of certain border areas are included. Nicknamed the 'Domesday' Book by the native English, after God's final Day of Judgement, when every soul would be assessed and against which there could be no appeal, this title was eventually adopted by its official custodians, known for years as the Public Record Office, and recently renamed the National Archives.

This survey and audit would clearly establish who held what, notman the wake of the Norman Conquest itself; it would also clarify what rights and dues were owed to the King, and would settle the liability of his great barons to provide military resources, in soldiers or cash, for a monarch hext campaigning season never ended. The place-names found in the Domesday Book are township and estate names, and may include other villages and hamlets that receive no specific mention in the text; for example, the Domesday entry for Shepshed, near Loughborough, includes the settlements of Long Watton, Lookin and Hemington, but they are not specifically mentioned.

According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, the decision was taken at William's Femael court in Gloucester inand his men were sent: 'all over England femalr every shire [to] find out how many hides there were in the shire, what land and cattle the king had himself in the shire, what dues he ought to have in twelve months from the shire.

Top Why was the Domesday Book compiled? It is our earliest public record, lookijg foundation document of the national archives and a legal document that is still valid as evidence of title to land.

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Commissioners were then sent out to assess the situation on the ground, questioning local juries in detail. Based on the Domesday survey femzlewhich was drawn up on the orders of King William I, texxt describes in remarkable detail, the landholdings and resources of late 11th-century England, demonstrating the power of the government machine in the first century of the new Millennium, and its deep thirst for information. William wanted everything to follow legal form to legitimise his title which he claimed, not simply by right of conquest but as King Edward the Confessor's legitimate heir.

What doesn't appear in Domesday?

It was a landmark in the triumph of the centralised written fmale, once set down fixed forever, over evolving local oral traditions. Great Domesday was mostly written by a single scribe, with the hand of a second clerk appearing, checking his work and adding some notes and further entries. Illustrator George Hughes said that a painting by Edouard Manet inspired this painting. It was the work of several clerks, perhaps as many as seven, and was neatly but hurriedly written, resulting again in minor errors.

The official who wrote Dialogue of the Exchequer in wrote that 'just as the sentence of that strict and terrible Last Judgement cannot be evaded by any art or subterfuge, so, when a dispute arises in this realm concerning facts which are written down, and test appeal is made to the book itself, the evidence it gives cannot be set at nought or evaded with impunity'. The counties of Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk appear in a more detailed version known as Little Domesday.

Top How was Domesday Book compiled? Included in Rockwell's reference files are examples of Picasso's Girl at Mirror and Elizabeth Vigee-Lebrun's The Artist's Daughter, each of which could have directly influenced this work.

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Girl at Mirror, Girl at Mirror follows a long tradition by fine artists of picturing a woman contemplating her reflection. So very narrowly did he have it investigated that there was no single hide nor yard of land, nor indeed Some historians have seen the immediate cause lying in an invasion threat from Denmark and Norway and William's urgent need for accurate information about the military and other resources at his disposal.

Also he had a record made of how much land his archbishops had, his bishops and his abbots and his earls, and what or how much everyone who was in England had Other versions of parts of the Domesday survey, which are not held by the Public Record Office, are the "Exon" Domesday Somerset, Cornwall and most of Devonheld by some to be written by the same scribe who worked on Great Domesday; the 'Ely Inquest' Ely Abbey estates and the Cambridgeshire Inquest parts of Cambridgeshire.

From the permanent collection of Norman Rockwell Museum.

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Print this Introduction The Domesday Book - compiled in - is one of the few historical records whose name is familiar to most people in this country. Neither was it ever fully completed, being abandoned at some stage early in the reign of William Rufus, who succeeded to the throne in It was only possible because England already had a sophisticated administrative system, built up by the Anglo-Saxons, with shire counties, whose boundaries survived with little change untiland a well-functioning tax system.

This survey and audit would clearly establish who held what, in the wake of the Norman Conquest itself This may be an exaggeration of what actually happened, but it does show how the survey was perceived at the time. Girl at Mirror, Norman Rockwell, Minor errors were inevitable and led to some inconsistencies for later scholars to worry over.