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Plot[ edit ] Vianne Rocher, now with two daughters, Anouk and Rosette, has forsaken magic and adventure for a monotonous life lollipop chat a small chocolaterie in the Montmartre district of Paris. Vianne is now known as the widow Yanne Charbonneauer and Anouk is now Annie. Concealing her magical nature, she feels she is doing the right thing, but she is dissatisfied: there is friction with Anouk; money is short; there is pressure from her landlord, Thierry le Tresset, and she no longer has the inclination to make hand-made, quality chocolate.

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He's Anouk's first real friend at school.

She seems to be exactly what Vianne herself used to be: a benevolent force and a free spirit, helping people wherever she goes. The Tower p.

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Totem The Kindly Ones 1, p. A snobby, gossiping rich girl who enjoys the advantages of having a powerful father. He has a very lollpiop, enthusiastic personality - "cheery, determined and impervious to any argument", but he is also patronizing and slightly mysoginistc. She buys chocolates regularly from Vianne, but only warms to her when Zozie finds out the secret of her prickly disposition. Lollipop chat Yule 17, p.

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She died near Halloween of a stroke. It is usually read as a blow that forces the subject to re-examine all the pretences that they have been living under, so is quite appropriate for Vianne. Saturnalia The Kindly Ones 1, p. He's been in love with Vianne without her knowledge since they met, but she considers him too volatile and free-spirited to be husband lollipop chat father material.

It is a symbol system that is deed to identify lollipop in what seem like chance events. Xochipilli One Jaguar 8, p. She presides over the festivals of the dead which have now become the modern Day of the Dead. Zozie de l'Alba comes into their lives, bringing her magic and enchantment. Mictecacihuatl Death 1, p.

Roux is a character who first appeared in Chocolat. Anouk got to know him when she tried the new attitude Zozie taught her, as a personal dare, and they became friends almost immediately. At his rather bloody festival, the Aztecs killed all the prisoners that they had taken in war, and these would also be subject to flaying. The Flayed One Lollipop chat 1, p. Suzanne once a friend of Anouk, she abandoned her to be part of cnat popular crowd, and is now one of Anouk's principal tormentors.

She is the Mother Earth that gives birth to and consumes everything. She has an imaginary friend called "Bam", which Vianne can sometimes see. lollpiop

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Liber Null One Jaguar 5, p. Madame Luzeron is an old lady, the owner of a fluffy, peach-coloured dog.

Hurakan Two Rabbit 3, p. His name contains the words xochitl "flower" and pilli "prince"and so he is often called "flower prince". Alice the florist's daughter. To Zozie, the Kindly Ones are the cost of the lives she lollipop chat the authorities after her for fraud, theft and possibly murder. Seven Macaw Advent 12, p. Pan de muerto Death 1, p. Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your chta experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display.

Chocolate[ edit ] Just as in Chocolat, the power of chocolate, as a symbol for love and tolerance, is shown again in The Lollipop Shoes.

Laurent Pinson is the owner of a cafe in the same square as lollipop chat chocolaterie. He is Rosette's father, following a brief liaison with Vianne, but Vianne has never told him this. Western society has often regarded it as akin to divination, hence its mention here. She's very perceptive to magic. But as Vianne's life begins to improve little by little under Zozie's influence, it becomes clear that all this must come at a terrible price.

Lovecraft referred to in his works.

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She lives for her daughters, but is secretly afraid of other relationships, preferring to flee rather than settle down and face the possibility of rejection. The shop begins to prosper under her guidance, much to Thierry's displeasure. Free Will versus Fate[ edit ] All the books reflect the combat against a predestined will. The Wind quite simply represents destiny, something which tells Vianne lollipop chat leave a place even though she never wants to, and this is why she fears it.

Odinists One Jaguar 5, p.

lolljpop Mischief Night The Kindly Ones 2, p. She helps Anouk to deal with the bullies who torment her at school. Two Rabbit p. She has great powers of empathy, and is able to help people in trouble. Zozie de L'Alba is a shadowy figure. When Roux, ignorant that he is Rosette's father, arrives at their shop, Zozie helps Vianne to decide between a stable life with Thierry and a romance with the man she loves. Try again. The Kindly Ones are lollipop chat shown to be those who mean good but actually cause pain; to Vianne these are usually social workerspriests, and doctors.

Anouk is now 11 and entering adolescence. Crowley One Jaguar 5, p. He's an amateur photographerhis favourite word is 'lame' and his ambition is to see and photograph a ghost. She is bullied at school and lllipop the fact that her mother is contemplating marriage.

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Concealing her magical nature, she feels she is doing the right thing, but she is dissatisfied: there is friction with Anouk; money is short; there is pressure from her landlord, Thierry le Tresset, and she no longer has the inclination to make hand-made, quality chocolate. But Zozie is a thief of identities, maybe even a collector of souls. The print of the Magical realism style is ever-present.