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How to talk to friends

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Drugs can be a hard subject to discuss, especially if you think your friend or relative has a problem. Try to stay open-minded and remember that, with triends right help and support, most people overcome their use before any serious harm is caused. Also, even if you do offer support, they might not change their behaviour.

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Mental health effects Vriends use can lead to people feeling unusually emotional with mood swings. Why do people do drugs? To experiment Some people are just curious. To socialise Some people take drugs occasionally to have fun, socialise and relax.

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Or maybe it's that point when a friend, after a couple of pints, starts talking about how Covid "doesn't exist". But the spirit of doubt that pervades the conspiracy-minded internet is actually a key opening for rational thought, ro Jovan Byford. Yet another reason to keep things low-key. Just give them some space and try again in a little while. If necessary, suggest that they look for professional help.

What should I do? Marianna.

Catherine from the Isle of Wight understands that better than most. Questions are much more effective than assertions, experts say. If your friend is caught with drugs, they might get into trouble.

Sometimes there can be serious mental health problems such as panic attacks and depression. Just because one expert believes something, doesn't make it true.

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Most people only develop an addiction or psychological dependence after regularly taking a drug. What did you think of this story? The recent rules changes have upended holiday plans for many of us, but you still may find yourself too with such situations over the next few days - talking not about legitimate political questions and debates, but outlandish plots and fictions.

She's since rejected friehds claims. Getting caught with drugs in school or uni can lead to suspension or expulsion, and to the police getting involved.

For those who have fallen deep down the conspiracy rabbit hole, getting out again can be a very long process. How can I stop my friend taking lots of drugs? Coronavirus: How my mum became a conspiracy theory influencer 2: Don't be dismissive "Approach conversations with friends and family with empathy rather than ridicule," says Claire Wardle from First Draft, a not-for-profit which fights misinformation.

Here’s how to talk to friends and family after the election Bailey hot milf

ti Do the details of the theory they're describing make much sense? Will my friend get into trouble? Have they thought about the counter-evidence? For instance, are some of their beliefs contradictory? As your uncle passes the roast potatoes, he casually mentions that a coronavirus vaccine will be used to inject microchips into our bodies to track us.

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He developed a deeper understanding of the scientific method and scepticism itself. Drugs can be a hard subject to discuss, especially if you think your friend or relative has talj problem. Anybody with a family history of mental health issues should be especially careful when taking drugs as they may be more at risk themselves.

Young people who are fit and healthy have died from a heart attack after taking drugs because of the toxic effects drugs can put on the body. Related links.

Starting the Conversation

Having a better idea of why your friend takes drugs will help you when you talk to them. Reality is complex and messy, which is harder for our brains to process. Try to stay open-minded and remember that, with the right help and support, most people overcome their friiends before any serious harm is caused. How to talk to your friend about their drug use Drugs can be a hard subject to discuss, especially talm you think your friend has a problem.

How to bring up the climate crisis at the holiday dinner table Bailey hot milf

Think of general queries that encourage people to think about what they believe. If someone starts using drugs regularly, the harms can begin to build up resulting in long term health problems, such as friendw, kidney and nerve damage.

That's likely to backfire. They might friemds a warning, an arrest, a formal caution or a conviction. You might try to help your friend, you might decide talm put up with it and not say much, or you might decide to step back and not offer much support. The year-old used to be a big believer in conspiracies about vaccines being used to deliberately harm people. This was very persuasive to me," he explains.

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Or when pudding is ruined as a long-lost cousin starts spinning lurid tales about QAnon and elite Satanists eating babies. So how do you talk to people about conspiracy theories without ruining Christmas? And if you have any drugs left, hand them over to the medics as it may help them understand the problem. If your friend is caught with drugs at school or university they might get into trouble there too.

Tapping into support

Physical health effects Taking drugs can make users feel tired and run down. If you think this is the case, talk calmly to your friend and look for ways ftiends help them think about why they're using drugs and ways they can manage without them. Sometimes people get more spots and colds too.

Also, even if you do offer support, they might not change their behaviour. People take drugs for lots of reasons.

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Try to understand fo feelings - particularly in a year like the one we've just had. This year has been scary - and for many, conspiracy theories have been a source of comfort. It's an important generator of self-esteem - which will make them resistant to change. My friend took drugs once, will they become an addict?