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Access to Berlin After the ceremony at Wendenschloss, Prime Minister Churchill on 9 June made one more attempt to have the American and British withdrawal from the ased Soviet zone put off until the Russians came to terms on the other questions pertaining to Germany and Austria. President Truman replied that because of the existing agreement on the zones, he could not "delay the withdrawal of American troops from the Soviet zone in order to use pressure in the settlement of other problems. Marshal Zhukov and the other Soviet commanders, he said, would be in Moscow for a victory parade on the 24th and for a meeting of the Supreme Soviet and would not be able to return to Germany until the end of the month.

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Soon, this changed also. Both the British and the Russians objected, and in the end the system that was proposed for the Control Council was also adopted for the Kommandatura. The German civilian officials were often caught between military government, which had appointed them but did not have the power to protect them, and the tactical troops, who either ignored them or treated them as if the war was still going on and they were all Nazis.

Detachment H1E2 recorded its experience on moving into Karlsruhe as follows The policy of the French seemed to be to remove everything that could be moved. The Americans, by then tired and thoroughly irritated, suspected free black chat line berlin pankow Russians were stalling for time to finish stripping the western sectors, and Parks, after failing to reach Zhukov, told Howley to take over the sector anyway, adding, "But don't get into too much trouble.

What he then had left to offer the French were the southern halves of Baden and Wuerttemberg and a bridgehead east of Koblenz.

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To the first question on the agenda, when the Kommandatura would frse to function, Parks answered, "This is the first meeting. Clay tried again to get the original US view accepted that the city should be administered as a unit. The troops were dirty and disinterested in our progress. No military or civilian agencies could billet there without SHAEF approval, and the administration of military government in the enclave, delegated to [] 12th Army Group and the armies fere the rest of the U.

To McCloy he reported after the meeting, "I still feel that with patience and understanding we will be able to work out central controls over a long period of time. At the bridge, the Russians had refused to pass more than 50 trucks, 37 officers actually a total of 50 but minus the officers with Parksand enlisted men-the exact specified in the instructions from Moscow. The Americans and British were going to occupy their sectors and in doing so, he said blandly, they would also have to assume responsibility for feeding the people.

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Chuikov in a meeting at Wiesbaden on the 30th. What the German governments thereafter had been unable to do, military government accomplished rather quickly and easily.

He did not desire formal reliefs, he said. Kruglov showed him the houses reserved for the President chst the US conferees and the Cecilienhof Palace in Potsdam where the meetings would be held; in the evening he sent a case of wine and some champagne.

When the French departed later in the morning, they took the detail's truck, paint, pails, brushes, and ladders with them. Robert Q. In occupied enemy territory, scientific caht technical intelligence might reveal the state of the enemy's advancement in particularly dangerous areas such as atomic fission and might uncover processes or devices that could be converted to Allied use.

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The convoy moved through the Russian control points without a cuat, and by nightfall, A1A1 was bivouacked in the Grunewald, the parklike wooded area on the southwestern outskirts of Berlin. Sheen, who was in the Parks- group, recorded what he saw The bomb damage in the heart of the city is difficult to describe. Fifteenth Army relinquished the northern half of the Rheinprovinz, and Ninth Army evacuated southern Hanover, Braunschweig, Westphalia, and the part of the Soviet zone contiguous to the British zone.


Chuikov also said his orders were not to accept any displaced persons other than Soviet citizens; SHAEF's instructions, however, were to leave all DPs who wanted to stay. To house and exploit the documents and personnel, Special Sections Subdivision in June opened the Ministerial Collecting Center in a former munitions plant at Hessisch-Lichtenau outside Kassel.

The instructions blac, however, that at theater and district levels the military command channel would "always be controlling" and that the advent of territorial military government in no way removed from a corps, division, or subordinate commander "the responsibility for taking direct action in military government matters when the security of forces under his command is prejudiced.

The remaining items on the agenda primarily concerned road, rail, and air access to Berlin. Beelin the zone would be reduced by the territory to be ceded to French control, EGAD had concluded before V-E Day that because of the unanticipated increase in the population of the US zone, the pinpoint detachments contemplated in the Static Plan would not be enough. Meanwhile, in June, President Truman had established the Publications Board under the Director of War Mobilization and Reconversion and instructed it to review all scientific and technical information developed with government funds during the war with a view toward declassifying and publishing it.

The detachments were reased and reed, the deation being by type and only.

Lewis O. Among its high priority targets the T Force listed synthetic rubber and oil catalysts, new des in armored equipment, V rocket weapons, jet and rocket propelled aircraft, naval equipment, field radios, secret writing chemicals, aero medicine research, gliders, and "scientific and industrial personalities. Marshal Zhukov and the other Soviet commanders, he said, would be in Moscow for a victory parade on the 24th b,ack for a meeting of the Supreme Soviet and would libe be able to return to Germany until the end of the month.

The bridges over the city's many canals had nearly all collapsed under nerlin bombing and artillery fire or had been blown up by hlack retreating German troops. Although the Czech government had stated a desire to have both the US and Soviet forces leave its territory, it had privately asked the Americans to stay as long as the Russians did.

What they saw were mostly the effects of the 75, tons of bombs the US and British air forces had dropped on the city during the war.

Later, in April, among his other asments, General Clay had acquired the job of [] working with Dr. Oliver P. On Saturday, he received orders to proceed to Berlin instead. In fact, he wanted a two- or three-mile gap between his advance guards and the US rear guards. It would be necessary, he stated, for vehicles to be governed by Russian road s, military police, and document checks, but there would be no cargo inspection; the Russians were not interested in what was being hauled, how much was being hauled, or how many trucks were moving.

It raised a fast-traveling wave of rumors: that there had been a jailbreak, that an American officer had been shot, that the Americans were making a last minute search for loot before turning the zone over to the Russians. Had the leaders of the rocket group, Professor Wernher von Braun and Gen. Since the British and Americans had expected to get food for their zones from the primarily agricultural eastern zone, and not to have to ship it there, and since neither the United States nor the United Kingdom had recognized the Soviet transfer of Upper Silesia to Poland, the western representatives, badly shaken, broke off the meeting to consult their governments.

In the morning, in battle dress and with full field packs, the detachment headed east across the Elbe. Free black chat line berlin pankow one occasion we had to alert the security troops who, at the point of a machine gun, blocked the attempted removal of the city's fire engines. The Russians were late sleepers, andit was eleven before they came around to protest.