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Dennis Friend ? Daniel c. They had one son, John Davis, Jr. Hannah, daughter of Christopher Bush, m.

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Thomas Sconce was the Coles County commissioner.

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My father said his name farmingtln Ichabod Radley. The descriptions refer to quarters of quarter sections, halves of quarter sections, quarter sections, sections, townships North, and ranges East, of the Third Principal Meridian.

Cited hereafter as Lamon. Johnston did not accompany the family group on this trip. I never heard my father or uncle Dennis Hanks speak of a family by the name of Harrison.

Her viscreet, Mrs. Another location, near to the one given above, was stated to be the first Coles County home of the Lincolns by Mr. He always seemed in a deep study, and never spoke very much.

Herndon and Jesse W. Herndon-Weik photostats, No.

Her daughter, Mrs. Bell: "Lincoln Unwritten History. Illinois General Assembly, Laws ofp. Cited hereafter as Blunk. Cited hereafter as Land Entry Book. A sensible person would not have started a long journey with such a team unless he had another team to help it through the worst places. Cited hereafter as Linder. Here, after a diligent search, we uncovered several stones which appeared to have been foundation piers. Black from material obtained by Lamon, much of it from William H.

Paradise Post Office farmington ill discreet chat room Wabash Point was the polling place for the entire county.

More likely, the stones at the Buck Grove location mark the site of a later structure, quite possibly on the same site as the original Thomas Lincoln cabin. Cavins is correct in locating both the Radley and Sawyer homes, the latter lived two miles north and over one mile west of the Radleys. The first settlement on "Goosenest Prairie" was made by the Rev. It is manifestly impossible to do this and at the same time approximate the route chwt by migrating families in The furniture list is almost the same as that which Mrs.

It has Abraham living at the time in the first of the two Goosenest Prairie homes, to which Farrmington Lincoln did not move until Needham is described as the champion wrestler of Cumberland County, which was not created untiland the match is described as taking place farmington ill discreet chat room the Embarrass River rather than at Wabash Point.

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The Tremble property was one-half mile south of the John Sawyer home. Johnston lived there until the spring of Neither Dennis Hanks nor Mrs.

Cited hereafter as Atkinson. Cited hereafter as Herndon-Weik photostats.

Herndon-Weik Photostats, Nos. The suit was over money due for breaking seven acres of wheat land. Cited hereafter as Thompson. Here Lincoln stayed for a few weeks before going on to New Salem, probably about the end of July Cited hereafter as Tarbell. Obviously, it is impossible to be positive about the exact route followed by a pioneer party under such circumstances.

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A, pp. The Sawyers, according to Mr. It will never be doom positively just what route the Lincoln-Hanks-Hall party followed in crossing Coles County in Their mode of conveyance was waggons drawn by ox-teams, or [and] A. They had one son, John Davis, Jr. The writer doubts that Thomas Lincoln ever proposed to return to Virginia. He remembered having seen the cabin before its disappearance, when he was about thirteen years old, or eighty years before.

Since Lincoln did not mention passing through Charleston, that suggests that the party missed that point. Pratt, in his "day-by-day" study of Iol for the period ending infinds no evidence placing Lincoln in Coles County during the periods before or after these sessions. This trail was of necessity used by those "entering" public lands in the region.

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Cited hereafter as Thomas, Lincoln Cabin. The surface would thaw during the day, and freeze over again at night. Dowling was 84 years old in If the party went through every city that claims a place on the route, they would have been zig-zagging over eastern and central Illinois for months! But note that Mrs.

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Roy P. Sarah Jane Hanks Dowling, eight years old when the trip was made, recalled about that "we went west to Vandalia and then up into Macon county and settled on the Sangamon River. Advanced Search.