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Chat room programming

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After the client calls socket initialization, it calls connect to issue the SYN segment and blocks waiting for the server to answer.

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Reading the socket is like reading the pipe. When the client receives it, it returns from connect and responds with an ACK segment.


We can always blame delays on the slow network, right? When the client socket is closed, recv returns an empty string '' immediately, similarly to how read behaves when an end-of-file is reached.

This thread could be aled with a threading. The main disadvantage of this approach is that users are delayed waiting for the timeout before being sent a new message. After the client receives it, it returns from readsends the next request, and so on.

On a heavily loaded server, it might read multiple messages from the queue at a time; whereas, the hybrid solution progrmming tend to alert each child after each message, thus the hybrid solution might loose some of its performance advantage when the server is most loaded. Running server.

Running ifconfig command from the terminal You should know that the very first result I got, the lo0 interface, is a very special one. You can now run your server script!

Closed Sockets One thing you would notice in the above code is that we are able to tell if the client has closed its end of the connection. The server receives and processes the message.

These synchronization algorithms can be more complex than one would hope, but there are known solutions to most any synchronization problem. The server returns from accept after receiving it.


Final Touches! Within the bind command, we can specify any IP interface even the loopback interface!

The accept call will wait for a new client to connect and when it does, returns a new connected chat room programming along with the socket address of the connected client. Any data received will be displayed on the client interface, and any data sent will be processed by the server to be broadcast to other connected clients. For this problem, the hybrid solution may actually be preferred solution. For applications, such as web servers where the progrmming do not interact with each other, this is not a problem at all.

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Therefore, the server immediately calls read after returning from accept. The server also needs a way to manage all active client connections, so it stores the active connections as ServerSocket objects in self. When a connection is received, thread is started and it waits on the socket. It was nice to see that he left some fun projects for his readers.

More Project Ideas on Python

Thus, it can be easier to implement advanced features with a cht de. Asynchronous programs can also be fairly tricky to get right and for some problems, just can not be used at all. Chat room programming the following to the run method. Then I remembered that readers and writers has been worked on by lots of really smart people and that it has proven itself to be safe and free of deadlocks.

Note that after either party calls closeboth directions of the connection are closed and no more data can be sent.

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This suggestion is right on target with an excellent plan of attack. In the chat server, activity is initiated by receiving a message from one of the clients.

It has an IP address of Finally, we use the listen to indicate that this is a listening socket. In general, once the synchronization issues are resolved, multi-threaded techniques have better potential than asynchronous attempts to scale to larger, more complex problems.

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I decided that a pretty clean approach would be to hold a global message queue that all thre can write to and read from per the synchronization mechanisms of the readers and writers problem. We will add a GUI later, but it follows much of the same logic.

Well, I thought that sounded like an excellent idea and did just that. After receiving the server, the prkgramming outputs it on the console interface.

The chat server developed is a multi-party chat server, sometimes called a chat room, similar to IRC Internet Relay Chat. You could maintain a list of these objects, adding and removing entries from the list as thre come and go.