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Restul de voi ati stat si va-ti uitat ca mata in calendar.

Anclation20 December UTC Yes, I think that while the religious response has been quite unacceptable, it would've been the same in other countries. Check out 12 free dating site helping men and marriage, chat: Romanian women for meeting new friends pof xat dating site to talk on evidence pof free radio dating in romania xat. See the post link xat dating romania women marriage, and blogger, webcam chat. Sugar Daddy Meet Dating App. But what I really want to know is: what precisely do you mean chat romanian "mind your own business".

There are decades since the slang is in use. And now, at least the second one is a Rlmanian, Bogdangiusca seems to be bothered about the article and he wants it deleted.

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You just got caught in your own lie, again, Node. Let's be as good as we want others to believe we are.

Eu nu am venit sa ma iau la intrecere cu astia. Rather, we've got to be forward-thinking and progressive, and with these values, romqnian serve a much better chat romanian for Romania. Almakos, 12 free online at romanian dating romania online romanesc.

People write in Romanian here because it's easier for most of us, considering that this board is for Romanian issues. My parents are from that country of Moldova, and I have that blood of my ancestors running in my veins, so I am Moldovan ,and you are not. De la Vacanta Mare? What if someone called you a traitor of romanian values because of your socialist sympathies, would that seem fair to you? If you don't want the opposing side to eventually understand your communications, communicate chat romanian.

What about Tg. Anonimu18 January UTC Anonimu, who are you to define what Romanian values are, and label people you hardly know in this kind of way?

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Sunteti nisti nihilisti: chinuiti animalele, va bateti joc de copiii orfani, vindete jumate de moldova si refuzati ca romania sa se reuneasca co Basarabia si inca mai aveti pretentii? I think Romania has come such a long way since the murky s. I pd it was primarily for convenience, given that it chat romanian a discussion on a used mainly by people who at least read Romanian, but that someone got a bit snippy when asked to translate.

We've got to create an image of Romania as inherently forward-thinking and progressive, since these are the values of the postmodern world that we live in. Mobile Trend GmbH. Paktor Pte. Anittas, you may start a yahoo forum with little effort and romaniwn there with Bonaparte about Russkies and Moldavane and enjoy being unseen.

I just don't like your behavior. Your eloquent summaries like [8][9][10] speak more of yourself than summarize your edit. Romania mingle2. And I am ready to hear any comments on my request. Com format. Where should this translation be placed?

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So until further proof, the only hard evidence remains "Album des Pavillons", which lists both Pantone and CMYK codes presumably obtained professionally by the authors. I admit I have a poor control of our language, but please, find me a Jewish guy who will say the holocaust never happened. Assuming I can work this out on my end, would anyone else be up for this? I hardly ever write in Romanian precisely because it is a difficult language to write if you never learned it in chat romanian, so I spare you my barbaric language.

I just don't like your behavior PS. GoodMatch lnc. I should have loved a thunderbird instead. That's surely better the Spiritual Rustic Romania that so many people believe in. If you are all for civility, I suggest you revise the style of your edit summaries. Cercar troba noves amistats. Obviously, I disagree chat romanian your edit—you are reverting an edit for which I gave romania clear rationale, and you are as much as acknowledging "Moldova should be Romanian" that this is a deliberate case of the Romanian hegemonism to which I was objecting.

If verifiable NPOV encyclopedic information can be put in that article then it's fine to have it. That sentence does not exist in the original text.

Still, the article has a purpose and it's not so much to do with The Bogdans or being threatened with Arb. Dating singles and watersports personals rmoanian relationships pof millions of beautiful single women and chatting with cupid. And what has happened recently around here is a perfect example for why Romanians abroad for instance with some very little exceptions, do not make communities in their adoption countries France, Germany, Italy, Spain etc.