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If someone's behavior is not conducive to the desired atmosphere of recovery please type! Non-Affiliation Statement These are public IRC chatrooms, anyone can [1]register a room -- provided that it is related to recovery or emotional support anonumous we do not "run" any other channels here besides our Intergroup Lobby in neveralone. Patches are accepted and encouraged on GitHub or by. Ricochet is maintained by John Brooks, who can be reached at: ricochet:rs7ce36jsj24ogfw or john. Stay anonymous.

We rely on a third party database provided by getipintel. You can also build from source. ORG does not "take sides" in chatroom disputes.

Be careful Ricochet is an experiment. Get started The latest version is 1.

We exist to give any addict, anywhere, an alternative to using and isolating, an hour at a time -- or a day at a time. Other browsers are not actively tested hcat supported by the club. This may be their first exposure to a Recovery Community. Nobody in the middle. How to help Bugs and features should be discussed on the issue tracker. Group members participate by typing their shares.

It creates a hidden servicewhich is used to rendezvous with your contacts without revealing your location or IP address. How it works Ricochet uses the Tor network to reach your contacts without relying on messaging servers. You can see when your contacts are online, and anonymous se chat them messages and soon, files!

Whether you've been around anonymouw Recovery Community for awhile, or need to talk to someone while you're "kicking," we're here to welcome and encourage you in your recovery process. hcat

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There will be problems. Translations can be contributed on Transifex. We reserve the right to close downor ask that you make "secret"any chatrooms deemed abusive to our guests, or whose primary purpose is not related to recovery or emotional support.

It is the responsibility of the moderators on duty and present in the room to deal with abusive or inappropriate behavior. Other Ricochet users can use this address to send a contact request - asking to be added to your contacts fhat.

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Safe by default. You can listen or share whatever you feel comfortable sharing. Instead of a username, you get a unique address that looks like ricochet:rs7ce36jsj24ogfw. Share what you want, without sharing your identity and location. Nobody knows who you are, who you talk to, or what you say.

anonymlus Security and anonymity are difficult topics, and you should carefully evaluate your risks and exposure with any software. Please stick around and greet visitors!

Anonymous Group Admins

Please let us know if you are being automatically banned in error. Your list of contacts is only known to your computer - never exposed anonymouw servers or network traffic monitoring. There are no servers to monitor, censor, or hack. Eliminate metadata.