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American pitbull terrier breeders kitchener

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The House met at kicthener Ouellette : It's time for questions and comments. Mr Peter Kormos Niagara Centre : I'm going to be having the floor in around 10 minutes' time for the leadoff on behalf of the New Democratic Party and I'm looking forward to it. American pitbull terrier breeders kitchener am incredibly concerned about the manner and style with which the government has pursued this particular legislative endeavour, a level of hysteria that, I tell you, is not becoming of the Attorney General and the government members. New Democrats are as eager as anybody in this Legislature -- and I, quite frankly, would not accept anybody pointing a finger and suggesting that somehow anybody here, whether it's a Conservative, a New Democrat or a Liberal, hasn't got an interest in protecting people against attacks by vicious, dangerous animals. But we take great quarrel with the observation terrjer if you're not for the bill, then you must somehow be for attacks by dogs terrir .

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This means they are not considered a purebred dog or a deer dog breed. He is a medium sized dog who will live an estimated 8 to 11 years. You should never buy a puppy based solely on price.

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I have full confidence in our Attorney General and our government to take akerican right decision in order to ensure the safety of every person in this province. Our cops are too darned stressed and understaffed now to deal with Criminal Code offences. That's 40 years of knocking on doors during election campaigns.

I see no problem with debating this issue. This is a small price to pay to ensure the safety of children, adults walking in the park, people in schoolyards and police officers who have to investigate these things.

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We're moving in the right direction. Lori Gray, from Alliston, Ontario, had the audacity, as a member of this provincial community, to send this to all the Liberals. The Canadian Kennel Club, opposed to the ban; Dog Legislation Council of Canada, opposed to the ban; Toronto Humane Society, opposed to the ban; Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, opposed to the ban; Canada Safety Council, which addresses public safety issues across the board and has no particular affinity to or affection for dogs or cats or any other animal, opposed to the ban, not out of any particular sympathy for any particular dog or breed of dogs, but because they say it won't work to achieve the goal that this government tells us they're interested in achieving.

There is absolutely no evidence that breed-specific legislation is effective in preventing unprovoked dog attacks" -- and it goes on. Collie Nose: Also known as nasal solar dermatitis, this is a condition in which the skin of nose peels, oozes, breedfrs may lose color.

I found scarce support for that. American Staffordshire terrier: good with kids -- ban it. On the other hand, I know that it's done for political purposes. My goodness, she sent this to all Liberal MPPs.

Ontario, Kitchener

However, such actions," that is, responses, "should be taken against any dangerous dog, regardless of breed. Here's one from Penny DiClemente. He ended up getting thrown out of school too. That's why we have got to hear from the scientists and examine the data as best as it can be acquired and presented. Fact one: Pit bulls are qualitatively different from any other breed. It's not my idea to only give me an hour. Every time there's one of those Disney things -- it's that whole phenomenon of anthropomorphism, isn't ameircan

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Bernard puppies are 10 weeks old. All it can do is press conferences, instead of staffing police forces with cops out there to bust criminals. That is, if they have any Collie Saint Bernard Mix puppies for sale. Instead, hapless pets will be destroyed or sent by municipal pounds for use as subjects in research experiments. Bull feathers, rot, garbage.

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Secondly, we've got the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, a group of professionals who deal with animals every day and who could probably give us some very interesting information. Mr Dabros, who's a lieutenant colonel, writes, "As my elected MPP who will vote on this law, do you know what a Staffordshire bull terrier is? It's moderate. That dog is doing what it's kirchener to do.

Toronto’s pit bulls are almost gone. So why are there more dog bites than ever?

Let me just deal with some of those groups. Bernard: Female: 1 2 3. Ban pit bulls all you want; it's of little comfort to the kid who's then mauled or mauled to death by a dog of another breed that's a vicious dog. The title does include pit bulls, but the title also americaan about dogs and public safety in general. Then they go on to make at least eight points about what could be in a strategy for dangerous dogs.

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The fact is that these are domesticated animals. I'm not satisfied at all that there is a disproportionate of dog bites -- even a disproportionate of dog bites -- by pit bulls compared to other dogs, especially when I read the pitbukl to federal studies contained in that CBC broadcast back inwhich lists the top four dog biters in this country, none of which are pit bulls.

All have had first shots,vet check and deworming. The pit bull doesn't make the top four, according to this study.

Kotchener leave me alone. Quite frankly, it's a lot more valuable reading than the fluff and puffery that accompanied the Attorney General's legislation, which is more about headlines than about protecting people from dangerous or vicious animals.

The most common biters, according to this federal study, are German shepherds, cocker spaniels, Rottweilers and golden retrievers. It's a very important bill.

Michael Bryant should be ashamed of xmerican. They haven't done anything substantive with respect to changing the Dog Owners' Liability Act other than increasing fines. The reverse-onus provision provides that the owner of the dog must prove, once the charge has been laid, that indeed their dog is not a pit bull, when in fact there is no breed-specific pit bull.

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If you have a pit bill and you walk in the park, you have to leash or muzzle it. Of course the of bites by pit bulls has decreased, because they eliminated pit bulls from Winnipeg.

So my concern -- and that's why this last recommendation is pretty profound, examining and putting more focus on dogs that do bite, and bad bites, to help understand why -- is that there may be a whole lot, by this point, just as there were of shepherds, just as there were of Dobermans, I am told -- it may well have been the phenomenon with Rottweilers, too, I don't know -- is that some bad breeders have produced some bad pit bulls, but that pit bulls, in and of themselves, aren't bad.

Four tenths of one per cent are americaj by a Staffordshire bull terrier, not even in the top breeds that bite.

Because a dog that has been trained for security and attack is no longer necessarily, in my view -- and again, let's hear from the experts -- the proverbial family pet. I asked one of our staff to access one of these standardized Web sites where they profile various dog breeds so that terroer looking to buy a dog can anticipate what kind of dog they should get.