Will Naruto Fight Kashin Koji in Boruto Manga 29?

If so, maybe Naruto could finally help answer the question whether Kashin Koji is Jiraiya!

Boruto’s Manga developed very interesting.

In the Boruto 28 manga, the main story is that Kawaki tried to find a replacement vase, after he had previously broken Himawari vases.

But at the end, Kara members finally dared to sneak into Konoha to look for Kawaki. Of course there will be conflict!

Well, chances are Naruto is fighting Kashin Koji (whom Jiraiya has always thought) the author feels very big.

Kawaki must be at Naruto’s house

Kawaki might be an edgy boy who doesn’t know how to be polite.

Even so, you can see that he really feels guilty for breaking Himawari’s vase accidentally.

Although grumbling, the author feels he will really try to glue Himawari’s vase back with the glue given by Boruto.

Doing this will not be easy, so the author feels that Kawaki should try to do this at Naruto’s house.

The problem is, Kashin Koji also seems to be a very competent hunter. He could catch up with Ao after Team 7.

Naruto Still Watching Kawaki

Well, if Kashin Koji found Kawaki, the author felt Naruto would definitely come to help shortly afterwards.

Even if Kawaki didn’t glue the vase at Naruto’s house, the Hokage seemed to be able to easily find Kawaki. nonton anime

If that had happened, the Boruto manga reader could have seen a duel between two Rasengan users! Naruto fight the mysterious Kashin Koji!

Who will win?

Kashin Koji is a powerful Shinobi. The proof is that he was able to defeat Konohamaru easily in a duel. Even though, this version of the manga Konohamaru feels much weaker than itself in the anime.

But Naruto, the strongest shinobi in the world today, won’t be that easy.

The author feels that indeed Kashin Koji will duel with Naruto, so Naruto will most likely win the fight and force Kashin Koji to retreat first.

In this way, Kawaki could feel more calm living in Konoha. He could see for himself that he was indeed protected in the village.

But this fight won’t end easily. Even the authors suspect that something will happen that makes this duel force Naruto to mobilize all his strength and efforts to excel.

Maybe there is an innocent figure like Himawari who was accidentally involved in the conflict?

Maybe the Delta left by Koji outside the gate of Konoha will follow, so that Ino and the sensor ninja call Konoha’s other shinobi?

It might even be possible for Naruto to win, but there was a moment where he was careless until Koji could hurt Naruto. More or less like the events in the first Naruto and Sasuke duel against Shin Uchiha.

However, whatever the outcome of the fight, the author feels Naruto will help uncover the mystery of who is Kashin Koji.

Koji continued to be curious about the many similarities with Jiraiya. Initially, he claimed to be bound to fate with Konoha. Then he turned out to have a Kuchiyose contract with a frog, and was able to use the Rasengan.

Then in the Boruto 28 manga you can also see behind Kashin Koji’s mask there is a familiar symbol for Jiraiya’s fan.

A very interesting symbol. Especially if you remember what the decoration on Jiraiya’s face looks like.

That’s how it is, Koji also believes he won’t be detected by the sensor ninja.

The writer doesn’t believe Kashin Koji really is Jiraiya. He looks younger than the Perverted ascetic.

But the author feels Naruto can still uncover the mystery of Kashin Koji and his relationship with Jiraiya.

How else? Of course, for matters like this, what we can rely on is the best student Jiraiya!

That is the author’s speculation about the possibility of Naruto fighting Kashin Koji.

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