Want freelance work? Check out the tips first!

Maybe, for some people working freelance is an option where they cannot leave one side of their lives. For example like me, I have to go to college. It’s impossible for me to work full time or even part time when I have to go to college.

A little story, I used to be at the first semester of college, I worked at one of the media companies in Indonesia where my status was part time workers, and they counted them as interns. Okay, I’m on salary and college, I can go on, but it feels bro, too. I’m studying from 8 am to 2 pm, 3 pm to 9 pm work. So every day from Monday to Friday. And after 2 months of experience, no longer part time. Finally I decided to just freelance …

Now I want to share tips for friends who just want to enter the freelance world itself. Especially for friends who just want to start freelance work. Because there are some important things to know to start the freelance project itself.

Btw, freelance that I mean is not freelance on freelancer.com or jobvie.com. But this real freelance, which is exactly the same as face to face, is one country.

Jobvie has been serving thousands of employers and job seekers for quite a while now, and since then we are proud to say that we have managed to cater for several different jobs and to properly
satisfy the demands of employers and the wishes of job seekers.

Before going into the tips, maybe it would be good for me to tell you what is good about freelance for student status like this?
How good is freelance:

1.Can work anywhere and anytime!
Come on, it’s also FREE. Not in the sense of not being paid, huh. I mean, I can work whenever and wherever. No need to be neat, no need to enter the office, no need to use a tie, shirt, or whatever. Work with drawstring at home while picking up! Provided that the results of your work are in accordance with the requirements and the time limit that has been determined!

2. Can receive more than 1 project!
For friends who are still new, this is not recommended. Especially for those who can’t work on geps, it’s better not to! But if it’s normal, it would be really good to get more than 1 project at a time. The work turn is done and the legs wait for money in the transper!

3. Price determinant!
As a freelancer, we have the right to determine how much we charge, how much we have to pay. Even though there is still negotiation later. But yes, the more you experience, the more expensive your price will be.

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