Tips for Treating Dry and Dull Hair

One of the hair problems that is often experienced by women is dry and dull hair. The characteristics of dry and dull hair include being rough to the touch, stiff, falling out, and branching out. To overcome this, you need to be treated for your dull and dry hair, so that your hair looks healthy and shiny. To deal with dry and dull hair, you can follow the following hair care tips that are very easy to do regularly, even at home. Hair Transplant Edmonton

Clean Hair Regularly
Dry and dull hair is usually caused by factors from outside and inside the body. The outside factor is caused by too long exposure to the sun and the use of hair stylist products that contain lots of chemicals, so that these chemicals stick to and pollute your hair. As one solution for dry hair, it is recommended that you clean your hair at least 3 times a week so as not to dissolve natural oils in your hair. Use shampoo that suits your hair type.

Use Conditioner
After shampooing, use a conditioner. After applying it directly to your hair, wait for 10-20 minutes for the conditioner to absorb completely into the hair. After that, clean it using clean water. Using a conditioner as a dry hair solution can help nourish your hair so that the hair looks shiny and healthy.

Avoid Using Hair Dryers and Vise Tools
The next hair care tips, as much as possible, avoid using a hair dryer and vise, because over time the heat can damage your hair, which then makes your hair dry and looks dull. Instead, dry your hair using a fan or allow it to dry on its own.

Using Hair and Hair Serum Masks
As a complement to the dry hair treatment series, you can provide a special dry hair mask. Use this hair mask every 1-2 weeks. In addition, it is also necessary to give hair serum when the hair condition is half dry to nourish your crown.

Do not rub hair
Most women make a mistake in drying their hair. Most of them often rub their hair with a towel to dry it after shampooing. Actually, rubbing a towel can cause your hair to get tangled, rough, cracked, and even damaged. As a dry hair solution, dry your hair by patting your hair using a towel without rubbing it.

Regular Hair Comb
One simple way to treat dry and dull hair is to routinely comb your hair. As a solution for dry hair, you should comb your hair in the morning, evening and at night before going to bed.

One of the tips for hair that is not dry and dull is to use hair products made from natural ingredients. As a recommendation, you can use products from The Body Shop that always produce body care products including hair using natural ingredients.

If you want to start a dry and dull hair treatment, you can use The Body Shop products like Banana Shampoo and Banana Conditioner from The Body Shop that you can really rely on to gently cleanse and nourish your hair and wet it with a refreshing aroma with Shampoo This banana is very suitable for normal and dry hair types. Also use Banana Conditioner after using shampoo. This aroma conditioner is very fragrant and can nourish the hair, making it feel softer and shiny. Hair İstanbul

In addition, for hair masks, The Body Shop provides Banana Hair Mask made from organic banana puree from Ecuador, brazil nut oil from Peru. This mask is enough to moisturize and nourish the hair so that the hair looks moist and shiny.

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