Tips for Success in Being an Android Publisher from Henry Jefri

Any business or work if done in earnest, full discipline and with the right methods and techniques, will certainly be closer to success than just careless. Especially for the business of making an android application as it 먹튀검증 is done by an Android Apps Developer Henry Jefri who has managed to earn thousands of dollars a month which was originally just a port pelvis who did not get an education at a college or even elementary school did not graduate. Also read: the success story of the author Babe news .

1. Mindset.

The first thing we need to do before going down or wanting to achieve what we want is to change the mindset. I used to make a lot of mistakes at the beginning and every time I made a mistake I always thought negative, desperate and not confident. After failing many times, I then pondered and tried to find what had become a lack of sy as long as, and finally I found that the importance of having a positive mindset. After having a positive mindset, if you find a failure, there is even more enthusiasm, because the positive mindset teaches me to always learn from mistakes and not repeat the same mistakes and become a mentor of sy to lead from success 1, success 2, and success -Other success …

2. Target

Many friends who asked me, “what are the tips for always being upbeat even though they often fail?”. One of the things that always keeps me excited every time I fail is motivating myself with “Target”. Life must have a goal (target) so if we do not have a definite purpose, our lives will not be organized and do everything as they please and shambles, which we will only walk in place when the other friends have run away leaving us .

3. Split Test

This is a very important thing in my opinion, for me 1 teacher will teach the same knowledge to his students in 1 classroom, but the students will accept it differently. The same knowledge that we learned the results will be different in each person, here it is important to do a split test and not just be satisfied because you did what you were taught, and fixated on the parent lesson, but dig deeper until you find something new that can make you even more unique and expert in that science.

Well … this is also important but has its own rules that are not written. If you feel like you are a newbie, you often find out things that can help you develop, but ask also there are rules. If you ask sharing groups to other people, you have to remember, these questions are not too basic. , or other words, search first on Google, if it’s already stuck, just ask. Often there are friends who ask for something and don’t answer it either in sharing groups or via PM because the question is too basic, and actually it can be searched first on Google, because what you need to know, people have no obligation to answer our questions, so We must understand how ethics are asked in social media, except if you are in the paid group.

5. Feel always right

This is one of the qualities that will prevent us from going further to success. Someone who always feels right on his own, then he will never appreciate the opinions of others, so what he knows feels he is the best, and believe people like that will not be able to develop further and my advice should not be too familiar if you have friends like that , because he will transmit his negative energy to us …

6. Time Management.

Last week my friend Ono Muliyo shared how tips were to be successful, and one of them was “Time Management” and I had absorbed this when I was just starting to learn Android. In the beginning I learned ANDROID PUBLISHER, I often distracted myself from dividing my time between work as “Kuli Panggul” and learning basic things about Android Publisher. Finally at that time I began to manage my time, and thank God everything was more structured, and I could work offline and do online work regularly. I used to set the time like this. In the morning at 8 am I left for the port for “Nguli” until late afternoon. after work I use a few hours to rest. At 9 o’clock after eating, I started to open the laptop until 2 o’clock in the morning (sometimes when there is something new to be done).

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