Tips for Choosing Men’s Casual Shoes

Tips for Choosing Men’s Casual Shoes

Shoes are now not just as footwear or just a foot cover. Shifting fashion fashion to make shoes now also becomes one of the most important parts in dressing. Even making a shoe can be done with an old analysis and using advanced technology. For example, shoes for famous sports athletes.

Outside as the main function above, shoes can also be used as decoration items (in fashion). Shoe design has varied greatly from time to time and from culture to culture, with appearance initially tied to the main function of shoes as explained above. The shoe model now varies greatly from type, model, and also the raw material.

In addition, fashion is often dictated by many design elements, such as whether the shoes have very high heels or are flat. Contemporary footwear varies in design and style, and also in terms of complexity and cost. Basic sandals may only consist of thin, simple single straps. High-class fashion shoes can be made from materials that are very expensive in complex construction and sold at high prices for a pair.

Previously, let’s get to know the types of shoes that exist today. From various sources that we get on the internet, shoes can be classified into several types based on their types.

Here are the types of men’s shoes :

Sneaker : These shoes were originally designed primarily for sports activities or other forms of physical exercise. Sneakers have evolved to be used for daily activities in casual events. These types of shoes are generally designed with flexible soles made of rubber or synthetic materials and the upper part is made of leather or synthetic material. Sneaker brands are popular globally, including: Adidas, osklen, Nike, New Balance, Asics, Onitsuka Tiger, Air Jordan, Brooks, Converse, Vans, DC, Dunlop, Ethletic, Feiyue, Fila, K-Swiss, Keds, Lescon , Macbeth, Merrell, Mizuno, PF Flyers, Pro-Keds, Puma, Reebok, Skechers, Under Armor and etc.

Slip-ons , Slippers, Loafers : slip-ounce shoes are usually designed lower than other types, or also called moccasin construction. From the name, Direct Slip On, these shoes are designed simply and simply. No ropes and only a hole to enter the foot. While Loafers, originally introduced in London by Wildsmith Loafer. Loafers are also for casual types. Whereas in Norway is known as Aurlandskoen since the beginning of the 20th century. The difference between the three is: The three slippers have a more pointed end, while Slip-ons and Loafers have a wide end. Loafers usually wear a rope even if only a little, and are made from leather or suede.

Boots : Boots usually have the shape of covering the whole leg up above the ankles, and some even reach the calf. Boots are usually thicker than other types, especially on the heel of the foot. Traditionally made from basic ingredients of leather or rubber, modern boots are made of various materials. Boots are initially worn to protect feet from water, extreme cold temperatures, mud or other hazards (for example, boots can protect users from chemicals or hard metal materials such as steel or iron) or provide additional ankle support for strenuous activities (for example , hiking / mountain climbing) – and for now even used for fashion-fashion reasons.

Sport : It’s clear from the name alone, this type of shoe is used for various sports activities. Sport shoes, of course, are not suitable for the daily activities of sport itself, in contrast to casual. Why is it not suitable? Because, the footwear / soles of sport shoes are usually thicker and harder. Examples of sports shoes are futsal shoes, badminton shoes, basketball shoes, volleyball shoes, etc.

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