Tips for Choosing Color Tie to Match the Shirt

For men, choosing a tie is almost as difficult as choosing a boyfriend, not only must be nice and neat, but choosing a tie must also be considered with the color of the clothes you wear. So important, even David Zyla, who is the author of Color Your Style, said that the color of a tie would give a special signal to men. In his book, David also provides some guidelines for choosing the color of the tie according to the shirt you are wearing. bow ties for sale

Red Color 

tie will be able to bring the message of power, desire, trustworthiness and creativity. For that reason, it is not surprising that many politicians wear this red tie. Most of them will combine this red tie with a white shirt and black suit.

Purple Color

Color The color of a purple tie is chosen because it can give the impression of a strong self-confidence, as well as can give a very memorable first impression. Not only that, purple also symbolizes the kingdom and wealth.

Black Color

Color Black is a natural color that can give a sophisticated and slightly arrogant personal impression. Even so, you can provide a more modern and elegant look by pinning a few accessories, such as gold tie clips.

Green Color

If you are a businessman or negotiator, the green color seems to fit your flagship tie. You can mix colors that represent money or rebirth with a variety of color outfits, such as white shirts and other bright colors.

Blue Color

If you are not good at combining colors, it is highly recommended that you wear a blue tie. This color is known as the safest color to wear at all events. This color will also be able to give a calming impression and an international symbol for power.

Natural colors

Some natural colors like chocolate, are known to be able to give a relaxed, friendly and simple impression. But keep in mind, you should avoid the color of similar shirts to eliminate the impression of being too relaxed. In addition, the color of this tie should be avoided if you want to get a promotion at work.

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