Roronoa Zoro Sword Facts

During his adventures, Zoro had many pieces that were used in his battle, but there were those that were still used and some that had not been used anymore for certain reasons such as being destroyed and others, Anoboy sao season 3 the names of the swords that had been used. Zoro, both of which are still used and are no longer used:

Zoro’s sword that is still used
Here are the names of Zoro’s swords which are still used in his battle:

1. Wado Ichimonji , before this sword belonged to Kuin a

Wado Ichimonji is a sword that has great personal interests for Roronoa Zoro , and it is Kuina’s sword and the sword of his family . This is one of the twenty- one O Wazamono sword classes . After the death Kuina , Zoro asked for a sword that from his father.

A. Physical Characteristics of a Sword
This sword has a pure-white handle with a circle as a hand protector . This is illustrated very “unusual” by Tashigi when viewed with the eyes of the head of his own in Loguetown. When the time is, Tashigi of Marine still mem Rush Zoro’s sword a very “unusual” and he could not understand why the sword is beautiful as it exists in the hands of pirates.

B. Sword ability
As one of the twenty-one of the best katana in the world , Wado Ichimonji is a powerful sword when used by a competent swordsman . This sword is also a sword that is quite durable , as Zoro showed against Dracule Mihawk where 2 of Zoro’s other swords were broken and this sword was the only sword that was not damaged at all .

When used by Zoro , this sword is usually placed in the mouth for Santoryu her . When using Ittoryu her , Zoro usually will use this sword . Strong evidence that others indicated that Zoro clicking use Itto Ryu – his Iai , engineering Shishi Sonson against Mr. 1 , cut the body of steel .

2. Sandai Kitetsu , before this sword belonged to I ppon-Matsu

Sandai Kitetsu is one of the sword classes of Wazamono, a ” Sharp Sword “. Like all predecessors sword Kitetsu mengat would be the use of this sword will be condemned .

Zoro took the sword is from the shop seller k atana cheap in Loguetown , feel that this sword has a quality that is good and then Tashigi identify sword that . When the owner of the sword is the first time I saw him , he was not going to let Zoro to buy it , and told him about the curse of this sword . But Zoro likes the concept of her and decided to test his luck against the curse that .

He threw it into the air and held out his hand , and was willing to let the sword that hurt him . Luck Zoro win and p emilik store gives Zoro Sandai Kitetsu and Yubashiri to his ability and luck of her .

Sword ability
Like all swords made by Kitetsu , the sword that this one is said to be cursed , and supposedly will bring a horrible death for all owners. Sandai Kitetsu has sharp edges , making it easier to use for cutting. At the time it was ever used by Zoro to test their luck and fight the curse of her,but he managed to overcome it. S fter obtaining the sword , Zoro use this sword as one of the three to his Santoryu .

3. Shusui , before this sword belonged to Ryuma

Shusui is one of the sword classes of O Wazamono . This sword was a sword from Samurai Ryuma that appeared as a zombie on Thriller Bark that had been given Brook’s shadow . After the defeat of his fight against Zoro, then Ryuma bequeathed the sword is to the Roronoa Zoro , and said he was satisfied with Zoro as the master owner of the sword is .

A. Physical Characteristics of a Sword
Sword Shusui colored black with red edges different in the middle sword and guard hands of his own such as the edge of the flower , because it is ” Black Sword” . After from Thriller Bark , Zoro mem wrap the rope at the top of the sheath , although the case is not shown in the anime until se reef.

B. Sword ability
Shusui is designed to increase the potential damage and damage by the user him . At one point , Zoro commented that the greatest attribute of Shusui was his violence, and said that even if a dinosaur could step on it, this sword would not have changed even if seen from its millimeter . He clearly showed that by blocking Oars’s arm with the sword held horizontally. In addition, the strength of the eyes of his sword alone is enough to drive back one blow Oars .
While this sword is able to handle heavy blows and is very difficult, Shusui has a big problem for the owner . Just like Sandai Kitetsu, Zoro describes Shusui have ” to angry an ” makes it more difficult to control . Zoro also said Shusui was a little heavier than Yubashiri, who was very light .

While in Ryuma’s hands, this sword was used by him both in life and death. As a zombie imbued with Brook’s shadow, Ryuma had obtained the Fencing Style. Coupled again with skill very strong, modifications made to the zombie body, and powerful attributes Shusui, Style Fencing Ryuma could me change to a point that is completely different from the original version Brook.
When transferred into the hands of Roronoa Zoro, he uses this sword to menggantik an Yubashiri, which has been corroded by Marine Captain Shu, as part of its Santoryu. When the first battle against Oars , Zoro found that Shusui’s weight was the reason this sword was considered strong enough.

Over the passage of time, Zoro then began to dominate over the negative attributes this Shusui. After two years had passed, it could be seen that Roronoa Zoro could easily cut the ship with Shusui, implying that Zoro had mastered this Sword .

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