Keyword Important for SEO?

As a large technology company, it is only natural that Google continues to develop their products, especially search engines. Some time ago Google even announced that it was using a new algorithm for them. And since the appearance of Google Hummingbird, the SEO world has changed 180 degrees. Hummingbird makes Google search more than just searching for the exact keyword. In fact, this algorithm is able to select keywords for SEO synonymously even the relevant equivalent words.

SEO experts are starting to think that they don’t need to look for the best keyword or keyword phrase to get the best page rank. This is where SEO experts begin to think to focus more on broader topics, ideas, and concepts of writing. Even so, you don’t immediately abandon the use of keywords. There is a more effective method of approach to be applied. Then, how important is a keyword for SEO in the development of current search engines? What is the right strategy in dealing with this condition?

Keyword research based targeting

Formerly SEO experts prefer to use keyword research to determine what keywords they need to create keyword research database content with many readers. And maybe, right now some people still use it

For example, someone wants to create content about the best time for flight. He created a traveling site that reviews this with many similar keywords. After selecting one by one, many keywords are found, such as ‘the best time to fly’. ‘best day to fly’, ‘cheapest day to fly’, ‘most quiet flight’, ‘best flight date’, and ‘busiest flight day’.

That person might be thinking right now. Now just make one page for each of these keywords’. Maybe not everything he could use, so he chose three of them, among others: ‘best flight dates’, ‘least flight days’ and ‘cheapest flights’. He will make three different pages. From here, you might feel that the contents of the three content will be exactly the same. Yes, this is exactly the same. But it doesn’t matter. Because, this person only needs the best keywords that can be targeted for many people.

Of course this person will not spend the energy to create content and conduct research on the content of the content. Simply replace the keywords and three pages are made perfectly.

This strategy is indeed very effective for many people, 5-8 years ago. If you still use this strategy, you should leave it.

Not only keywords for SEO, but also topic and concept based targeting

Nowadays, SEO experts will think of something more. Because keywords are less important nowadays, they begin to think of something more than that. Something that is more weighty and bigger than just a keyword.

Forgetting a keyword is one way. No need to worry about whether or not there is a keyword for SEO. In fact, no need to think about these keywords. Whatever the volume, that’s what they get. As long as they target content with concepts and ideas that are liked by searchers, they assume that Google will recognize their content and find keywords that will direct search to that content. Therefore, they will create content that will help someone choose the day to buy flight tickets.

Maybe, they will explain the days of the week, how every day someone does a flight. Or maybe, they will develop topics to build content that is peeled from several perspectives. Starting from what day of the week, the right month, the difference between one airline and another, maybe also the difference in airports, and the best weeks. Do not stop there, they can also build a topic by raising the same thing to various countries, price versus flight flexibility, or a comparison between the type of flight someone needs.

Well, all the details have been explained. From here, our friends find that the content created is a guide to finding the best flight. They have perfect content, complete with graphics that will help readers determine the right days and weeks to get the cheapest flights. Content that is truly perfect, will not be considered junk content.

Unfortunately, Google won’t do magic by bringing readers to their content. Roughly like this, when people search with the keyword ‘best day to do flight’ and they have content titled ‘Guide to Choosing the Best Flight’, of course there is no connection at all, even though the content of that content will help someone something right and useful. Google will not put your content into page rank with these phrases, and this is not Google’s fault. Of course how a person’s mindset in conducting a search should also be a calculation.

Combining the two strategies is the answer

So, if the old way doesn’t work and the new method is still less effective, how do you create good content? The combination between the two becomes the answer. When we combine these two strategies, we can have both advantages of each strategy. You have a concept and topic model that is able to be the answer for many searchers while being able to target searchers for SEO keywords that you put in titles, headlines, sub-headlines, and content so you can know the volume and rank keywords you will use.

First, you must do keyword research first. Then, you must also collect topics and concepts for brainstorming. Combine everything into a list of concepts and needs that will be answered by your content by entering a target keyword combination.

For example, it is still the best flight case. Collect the relevant keywords first. For example, the three keywords that appear most are ‘best day of flight’, ‘best flight time’, and ‘best flight month’ with the ‘best flight’ main keyword. Make these three things into one interesting title, for example “Best Week and Month to Do Flight in 2016”. Wow, you can enter several keywords in one title.

This is the time when keyword ‘smelting’ for SEO is done. The main keyword, ‘best flight’ you can extend to be perfectly merged with your content. This keyword is called long tail keyword. Yes, you use keywords, but it seems there are no keywords in your content. Use all the topics that you created to develop long tail keywords so that the content you make is detailed and complete. Long tail keywords like ‘best cheap flights’, ‘the most flexible flights’ can be one of them. Don’t forget to spread all the long tail keywords that you make in all parts of your content, starting from the meta description to the sub-heading. And this is complete content with all topic areas and keywords in one content. All-in-one.

This method has been used by the Writer’s ID team. There are no conventional keywords that we use in each article. There is always keyword research and topic development before article creation.

Still think that keywords are important in SEO? Not so if you use it conventionally. But when you combine keywords for SEO with natural touches, you will get satisfying results.

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