How to Take Care of Persian Cats

How do you treat a Persian cat? Persian cats are always synonymous with cute and beautiful feathers and are ideal to be used as animals but usually these types of pets such as Persian cats need special care to make the cat’s fur beautiful and healthy.

Well here the cat lovers need to understand first about the purpose of “special care”. This special treatment does not mean expensive care for this Persian cat. como ahuyentar gatos

This time we will discuss how to treat Persian cats, here are some ways to treat Persian cats.

The technical way to treat persian cats

1. Cleanse the cat’s environment
Okay, let’s say you have a special room for the Persian cat, then keep the environment clean. Either sweep, mop and so on. If he is in a cage, of course the cage must be kept clean too.

2. Prepare a place for food and drinks, as well as food
For a place to eat food and drinks, I advise you not to be too concave. I bought it wrong, because my tongue is not too long to reach the food and drink hehe.

3. Start feeding the cat
Well, if these cat lovers want to see their favorite cat healthy, there is nothing wrong if we give food that is suitable for the cat.

What is certain is that it must contain all the necessary nutrients, so that your cat is always in prime condition and can even make the hair grow beautiful and shiny.

4. Duh the cat pups
If you have already prepared the sandbox and sand, it will be easier, after a few days, throw the cat’s poop. Then wash once a week or replace the cat’s sand.

5. Bathe the Persian cat
In bathing Persian cats, we usually need special shampoo to treat cat fur.

6. Giving vaccines
The vaccine is actually important, it’s not important, but for Persian cats, I think you should vaccinate it on schedule.

7. Caring for cat fur

Actually, bathing is one way to care for Persian cats, but certainly not just taking a bath right? There are several other things you can do to treat persian cat fur.

For example, combing Persian cat’s fur. Because Persian cats themselves have minimal ability to care for their own fur.

Now in combing this Persian cat, paint lovers can use a metal comb twice so that the cat does not tangle and so that the Persian cat’s fur remains clean and shiny.

Then wipe the Persian cat’s fur with baby tissue.

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