How to see if your Facebook data is accessed by hackers

Facebook details what types of information were accessed by hackers last month. The list includes user names and contact info, as well as personal details such as religion, location, and more.

The data seen by hackers reaches 29 million people, and now Facebook offers a way to find out if your account is hacked and what information is seen.

To find out, please visit the Facebook Help Center . The notification at the bottom of the page will explain whether your account is affected or not. If yes, it will state what information was taken.

Of the 29 million users, 15 million accounts are exposed to their names, email addresses and telephone numbers (depending on what contact info is on their profile). While the other 14 million, the info above is seen along with additional profile info, including gender, religion, location, device info, location you mark, and pages that you like.

One million other users have access to stolen accounts, but never use them. Hackers don’t post anything on user profiles, as far as Facebook knows now.

If your account is accessed, Facebook says you don’t need to do anything to secure it at this point. Because the password isn’t stolen, so you don’t need to change your password.

However, hackers take access to “token” accounts that allow them to enter. Facebook has reset the tokens last month, which is why you might find yourself logging out of your account last September.

Guy Rosen, VP of Facebook product management, said that the company had not found evidence of the data accessed it was disseminated or misused. So for now, it’s not clear what users should do if their Tips dan trik Android information is accessed. Investigations are still ongoing, and it looks like Facebook will have more concrete details to share later; the company said the FBI was also investigating.

If you are fed up with privacy issues on Facebook, you can also delete your account and leave Facebook forever now.

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