How to Overcome Xiaomi Lag When Playing Mobile Legends

Mobile legends is a type of Moba game that has recently become very popular. Unfortunately, not a few of the players of this game experience lag or hang when playing the game, including among them are Xiaomi smartphone users. When you experience a redmi 4X lag playing the game, surely you will soon find a way to overcome it. It is undeniable that lag has indeed become an annoying disease and often disrupts the activists of the Mobile Legends game. Tutorial Android

At least there are a number of steps we can take on our Xiaomi cellphone to solve problems like this. To prevent lag problems from happening again we can use the application so that it doesn’t lag when playing mobile legends and other ways, here is a full review.

Ways to Not Lag When Playing Mobile Legends on Xiaomi Phones
Installing the Speedify VPN application

To overcome this lag, there are several anti-lag applications that are known as legends that can keep game performance stable. One application for playing mobile legends is not the recommended lag is Speedify VPN. This application is available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded to your smartphone for free. Make sure you have sufficient storage space and internet access. If this application is already installed, you can immediately run and grant the application then activate Speedify VPN by moving toogle to the On position.

Next, you can change the network server by tapping the Settings menu. You can choose a server from Singapore for example to avoid lags due to overloaded servers. After that, log in to your Mobile Legends. Guaranteed, after this your game will not be disturbed again.

Turns Off the Battery Saving / Power Saving Feature

When playing online games in the same class as Mobile Legends , many suggest activating the battery saving feature. But did you know that when the power saving feature is activated, this can trigger a lag. This is because the network power of the device will be reduced due to restrictions on device performance when the power saving feature is activated. In fact, Mobile Legends is a game that requires a stable network. For that, you should disable the power saving feature when playing ML so that you can fix the lag of mobile legends .

Activate Speed ​​Mode

The speed mode feature is in the Settings menu or settings in Mobile Legends. This feature can increase network strength so that when playing, this game will not experience lag. But when you activate this feature, you will lose more quota because data usage will be twice as wasteful. How to set up in Mobile Legends to enable speed mode is very easy. First, login to the Mobile Legends game. After that, select the gear icon or settings at the top right. In the basic section, scroll down to the Network Settings section. Later you can find the speed mode settings. Then tap the On menu to activate speed mode.

Make sure the internet connection is stable

In playing mobile legends , you must be smart in choosing a provider as an internet network provider. Choose the most stable internet network in the area where you live. Look for operators that offer the best signal to be smooth when playing mobile legends. If you play games at internet cafes or places that provide free WiFi, make sure you are looking for a place that provides the most smooth WiFi. When a WiFi connection is overloaded or many are logged in, you should avoid playing Mobile Legends because the connection will be divided.

Install the Signal Booster Application

How to overcome Xiaomi lag when playing the next Mobile Legends is to use a signal booster application or also called the anti-lag application. The application is able to optimize the signal capture power on your smartphone device. Currently there are many choices of applications for signal amplifiers including WiFi Manager from Kostya Vasilyex. This signal booster application is very light because it has a size of only 1.19 Mb. Another alternative is the WiFi Signal Booster + Extender application. This is an application made by Tech Developers. This 2.6 MB application is capable of providing significant benefits. Or you can also install the Network Master application from LIONMOBI. With a size of 6MB, this application has been used by more than 10 million users.

Disable the Application in the Background

The next step to overcome the lag in Mobile Legends is to turn off all applications that are active in the background or background. Applications that are active in the background sometimes cause RAM to be wasteful and seize the signal so that game performance is less than optimal. In order for all RAM power to be allocated for the Mobile Legends game, applications that are useless and running in the background should be deactivated. This is very important, especially if the RAM on your mobile device has a capacity of only 1 GB. But this method does not mean that all applications are disabled. You only need to turn off certain applications.

The way to deactivate the background application on a smartphone is quite varied depending on the settings on your mobile. The trick is to enter the settings menu then tap on the About Phone menu or About Mobile. Then drag down and look for the Kernel version. Tap 4 times in that section to open the Developer Option or Developer Options menu. After the Developer Options menu opens, look for the Background Process Limit feature or Limit the Background Process. This menu is usually found at the bottom. Tap on the choice. Later a pop up will appear showing the number of applications that can run on the smartphone background. In addition, you can also manually deactivate existing applications in the settings menu, then select the App and select the Running tab. Turn off applications that are not needed.

Install the Game Booster Application

Game booster can help optimize the performance of smart phones while playing games, including how to overcome Xiaomi lag when playing Mobile Legend. Currently there are many choices of game booster applications that are suitable for playing Mobile Legends and other online games. The game booster application that can be used includes Game Booster 3, Android Systweak Cleaner, DU Cache Cleaner Speed ​​Booster, Swift Gamer, Dr. Booster – Boost Game Speed, and much more. You can choose one of them and download it from Google Playstore.

Installing and running the Game Booster application can make smartphone performance smoother when playing games. The application will limit the background process of a smartphone. If your cellphone spec is good enough, for example, using 3GB of RAM, then you don’t have to bother using a booster game

Change Graphic Quality to Low Options

Quality Mobile Legends graphics require high performance graphics cards. Therefore, if your cellphone spec is classified as low with less than 2 GB RAM, a standard GPU, and also standard processor performance, you can reduce the graphics quality of the Mobile Legends game. This method is known to be effective enough to make the game smoother because the game will not be too heavy.

Those are some ways to overcome Xiaomi smartphone lag when playing mobile legends. The above method is effective enough to overcome Xiaomi Redmi 3s mobile legends lag and lag problems on other smartphones.

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