How to Maintain a Young Pregnancy

It’s nice when the happy news comes, but remember! this is just the beginning. Our next task is to keep the pregnancy healthy, both the health of the mother and the fetus. Take care of as with every gift given by Him. Pregnancy will last around 40 weeks, and is broken down into trimesters. The first trimester means the first 12 weeks, the next 12 weeks is called the second semester and so on. The first tirmester pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body begins to adjust to the new life in it, and this period is the most susceptible to problems in the womb such as miscarriage (do not get to). Therefore, we focus our discussion on how to maintain a young pregnancy which means pregnancy in the first trimester.

The following steps need to be taken to maintain your Young pregnancy: Your doctor or midwife . It is highly recommended to immediately choose an obstetrician or midwife as a medical partner who will help check or control your health during pregnancy until delivery arrives. This is important because during pregnancy routine checks are needed not only once. Please read: Pregnancy Examination Schedule Pregnant Women Supplements. One vitamin that you can’t miss to keep your pregnancy healthy is Folic Acid . The fetus will need at least 0.4 milligrams (400 micrograms) of folic acid to aid brain development and prevent neural tube defects. Ask your doctor if you need vitamins or other supplementary supplements.

Drink lots of water. The American Pregnancy Association recommends pregnant women to drink more. It aims to keep fluids moving throughout the body and can reduce the risk of foot swelling, constipation and fatigue. Regular Sports . Staying active during pregnancy will keep pregnant women energized and fit, which will help feel better during pregnancy and increase opportunities for safe and healthy delivery. Look for communities or special exercises for pregnant women. Popular forms of exercise include aerobics, yoga and walking. Enough Rest .

Take time to take a nap even for a while and start to sleep early, don’t sleep late or stay up late. Adequate sleep will be good for the health of the body, mind and fetal development. Avoid smoking smoke . Exposure to cigarette smoke or smoking during pregnancy can cause low birth weight and increase the risk of health problems for the fetus. So to keep young pregnant healthy, avoid cigarette smoke right now. Pay attention to every symptom . In young pregnancy (first trimester) symptoms often appear that include morning sickness ( nausea during pregnancy ), fatigue, indigestion (constipation), heartburn, bloating and changes in mood. Consult with a doctor or midwife about any symptoms that arise, do not just take medicine to treat symptoms.

This is very important to maintain your young pregnancy. In addition, young pregnant women normally do not experience menstruation or bleeding, but some women may experience small spots (spots) or spotting and that is not a problem and can be overcome with complete rest (after being confirmed by a doctor). But remember! Immediately contact a doctor or midwife if you experience a lot of bleeding such as menstruation, or a lot of blood clots. 4D Ultrasound Flushing

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