How to Increase Affiliate Business Product Sales through a blog

Actually this is no different than how to promote a blog / increase blog visitors, but here we are more focused on selling affiliate business products (resellers) so that the sales results of these affiliate online business products will increase sharply and according to expectations even though this method is not 100% accurate .. 🙂

There are many ways to increase the sales of affiliate business products both offline and online, so the point is to attract as many blog visitors as possible because the more crowded the blog is visited, the greater the chances of selling your affiliate business products .

1.Optimasi SEO (familiar with search engine / search engine)
I used to discuss how strong the impact of Seo Optimization ( Search Engine Optimization ) to the blog visitor traffic , please read again. And according to research nearly 70% more internet users are looking for something they want through search engines . Being familiar with search engines is the first step to building a blog to increase sales of your affiliate business products .

2. Through Classified Ads
on the Internet, especially in Indonesia there are manyfree classified ads are scattered, almost prediksi sgp certainly every month a new site / web classified ad provider pops up. why not use it and this is suitable for those of you whose capital of online business is released or just like me … hue.

3. Through PPC Ads
If you have more money and want to increase sales of your affiliate business products faster , there’s nothing wrong with trying this one by registering as an advertise / advertiser. You can register here ! But if you want it better, I suggest you to become a Google Adsense advertise .

4. Through Forums
As an alternative you can also join local discussion forums to offeryour affiliate business products , such as,, and many more.

While Strategy Marketing is all the efforts and tactics of how online business people in this case are marketers to implement internet marketing so that success or the product or service offered results in a high level of sales (behavior).

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