How to Hack WhatsApp with Sniffer technique

How to Hack WhatsApp with Sniffer technique

How to Hack WhatsApp,  along with the times, lots of changes have occurred, which are like SMS applications.  Now the SMS application has been replaced with a sophisticated application, the WhatsApp application.

So can we tap whatsapp?

WhatsApp does have a high level of security, but that doesn’t mean it can not be tapped.  How to tap WhatApp will admin discuss as follows:

How to Hack WhatsApp

Before continuing the tutorial, WhatsApp is specifically for Android users with those already in root.  For those of you who have a smartphone that is not in root, you can try the root application that is in the Playstore.

Android root process is not as difficult as you imagine.  Generally, only you have to download the right & suitable application, then just click root and wait.  If the process is successful, then you will get root access, and if it fails you just calm down, nothing will happen.

Go back to the tutorial on how to tap Whatsapp, the technique that will be used, which is hacking named sniffs.

Steps How to Tap WhatsApp

Step 1
First you have to download & install an application called “WhatsApp Sniffer”.
Just download  here.

Note  : If you use an anti-virus application on Android, this application will be detected as a virus.  First, give permission for the anti-virus
Step 2
Furthermore, you also have to download and install an application called “Busybox”, you can download it  here  .

Step 3
Make sure you are connected to one network device (one wifi device) with the victim.  Can not use GSM data networks such as 4G and 3G.
Step 4
Then you open the ”  WhatsApp Sniffer  application , then select give root access and ” Busybox  “.  Continue by clicking ”  ARP Spoof  “, then click ”  Run  “.
Step 5
Wait and let it stand.  Later, everyone who uses WhatsApp on one network (one wifi network), you can find out the contents of the message sent and received.
That is how he tapped WA easily.
Addition: In order to expedite this method of tapping WA, you can as if giving free internet via wifi.  Admin remind you to use wisely.
Good luck.

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