How to Download Movies on a Laptop / HP for Free! 

How to Download Movies on a Laptop / HP for Free!

Jaka is sure there must be many friends who like watching movies. And Jaka is also sure, many friends can’t come to the movies because they’re busy.

How do you watch movies without coming to the movies?

Easy question, that is, just download the movie. So you can watch anywhere. Because it turns out, how to download movies on a laptop or cellphone is easy and free!

How to Download Movies on an Android Phone

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Easy because Jaka uses the movie download application. No need to bother looking for a movie download site that must be accessed through a computer. Plus, there are notifications when there is a new movie, so it’s up to date. Once there is a new movie, just select it and click download. Easy as that!

The choice of films in the application itself is very complete. Both old and new films, almost all are there. It’s just for a new movie, sometimes the quality is not 1080p Blu-Ray . So what, you want to know how to download movies with applications on your cellphone? See the following for the complete method …

Steps to Download Movies on an Android Phone

Step – 1

First of all you have to download and install the application called INDOXXI‘ first .

Step – 2

Open the application that you just installed, then look for the movie you want to watch. To make searching easier, you can search by using the ‘Search Box’ or ‘Film Category’ feature .

Step – 3

If you have selected the desired movie, click ‘Play Button’ as shown below. Then the following three options will come out:

  • Trailer: To see the movie trailer first.
  • Play: To watch movies online or streaming.
  • Download: To directly download the movie.

How to Download Movies on a Windows Laptop

Indeed, frankly it’s a bit complicated, downloading via HP keeps moving to a laptop to watch. It’s better to just download directly through the laptop. Once finished downloading, just watch it. To download movies via a laptop or PC, we can use the best movie download sites.

This best movie download site presents a variety of films that are very complete. In contrast to most movie download sites that have lots of annoying advertisements, this site does not. Minimalist and professional. So, how do you download the movie? Check out the following steps …

Steps for Downloading Movies on a Windows Laptop

Step – 1

First of all, you have to visit the site to download a movie called ‘Movie Gan’ . You can visit the site via the link that Jaka has provided below:

Visit: Movie Site Gan

Step – 2

Go directly to the site that Jaka has recommended, then search for the movie you want to watch and download. For simplicity, you can use the ‘ Search ‘ feature .

Step – 3

After finding the desired movie, click the ‘Download’ tab . Continue downloading ‘Subtitles’ , then download the movie according to the desired quality. See the picture to be clearer.

Well who would have thought, it turns out the way to download movies on Windows laptops and Android phones is enough with three easy steps. Moreover, this is all done for free! All this thanks to the best sites and movie download applications, making things easier. Good luck!

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