Easy Ways to Paint a Motorcycle Using Pilox

Firing a motorbike is actually not too difficult if we know the right and accurate technique, so the motorbike we will paint will look neat and the results will be very satisfying, maybe there are still friends who are confused as to how to paint the motorbike and this way too can be used to paint the car, then how do you paint the motor that is good and right … gogoro 2 deluxe

There are a number of steps so that the results are truly maximal, of
course it must be with patience and never give up, because it is not as easy as imagined in terms of the process even though the theory looks easy.

see the way below:

The Most Important Thing Of Course You Must Prepare The Material And Equipment First.

– Provide sandpaper that is not too rough or smooth, namely emery 400,
Prepare also fine sandpaper

– Soap

– Air of course, which is not much but quite important.
To wash the motor body to be clean.

– Wipe clean and Kanebo
To clean the dust and dry the field / motor body from the water.

– Spray paint / pilox cream / silver for policy, and the color of paint you want.

– Pilox varnish / clear to make your motorbike look more maximal and look sleek !!!

So try to also choose the right place not in a place that is too hot and windy enough.

Maybe you can choose a place in space for example, because in the air space is relatively quiet.

If you choose a place with a rather strong wind it won’t be maximal, it might fail.

Continue to the next step:

The most important thing is the process steps.
See how to easily paint a motorbike below:

– Emery with field water / motor body that will be painted using emery 400 until evenly distributed.

– After thoroughly washing the sanding results with water and soap

– then wipe using a clean cloth and Kanebo and let it sit until it is completely dry.
The body / field that you want to paint must be completely dry and free of dust and water.

– If it’s completely dry and clean, then you start to the painting stage.
Well here the floor is quite difficult for beginners because the level of spraying requires skill.

– Spray cream / silver paint evenly, not too thin or thick.
try to set the distance between the field and pilox about 30cm so that the results are more evenly distributed and avoid the melted paint.

– After you feel the results are evenly distributed, then dry the painting until it is completely dry.

– Then sand the results back from the painting using fine sandpaper until evenly distributed, not too deep.

– after you feel evenly distributed, wash again as above.
Wipe and dry until completely dry.

– well now spray paint / pilox with your desired color evenly thick.

– then leave it to dry, do not dry in a very hot place, it can result in cracking spray.

– After dry, sand again using smooth sandpaper evenly, and wash again as above steps that have been explained before.
And dry it again until it is completely dry.

– well now finishing, spray paint and lacquer / clear evenly, so that your bike is more sleek and durable impact on the paint.

– Once finished and completely flat, leave it to dry completely.

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