Anime Review: Death Parade

For those of you who don’t know, Death Parade itself uses themes that are unique enough to listen to. With various tiwst plots in it making this series so much in demand by many people.

Let you not be curious to see the following review.

Anime Details:
Anime title
Title Death Parade
Japan デ ス ・ パ レ ー ド
Type TV
Status Broadcast
Prime Season Winter 2015
Broadcast 10 Jan 2015 – Mar 28 2015
Episode Total 12
Duration 23 minutes
Rating Adult
Genre Mystery, Game, Psychological
Studio Madhouse
Licence FUNimation
Producer VAP, DAX Production, Nippon Television Network
Website –
Score 8.44

The souls of people who have just passed away will be brought in pairs to a bar-like place called Quindecim.

There, a Saiteisha or decision-maker named Decim will require them to fight each other through a game, and then based on the game determines their next fate, whether born again into the world or just forever falling into nothingness

However, even though they have always carried out their duties obediently, over time there have been doubts among the Saiteisha themselves if the method they use is the right way to judge a human soul. Nonton Anime Indo

There is indeed a thick drama on the story of every guest who comes to Quindecim, both on their own past and on the decisions taken by the Saiteisha over them, but almost no emotion is felt from it, or at least not as much as expected.

The disclosure of all the tragedies and irony contained in them seems to be forced to happen, so the stories then seem to be deliberately too dramatized.

The main reason is because there is never a reasonable reason why they should be assessed through a system such as Quindecim, why they are required to re-experience their lives once they can be assessed.

But actually this anime still presents a plot that is quite unique and not boring. It is not impossible that this anime is able to boost its popularity in the past.

Should a Saiteisha have emotions or not? This anime wants to ask the question. However, perhaps first he must ask himself, what he really meant by ‘having emotions’.

Because when he mentions that the initial state of a Saiteisha is not emotional, in reality some of them are just the opposite – Miss will feel annoyed, Ginty is always angry, and Quin is cheerful.

Is the term emotion only referring to sadness, and is it not included in it? How … ridiculous! In fact, when viewed from additional figures, namely humans who came to Quindecim.

This anime should know a lot about emotion, and even be very careful in distinguishing one type of emotion from another, but somehow, he seems unable to show the same accuracy to more influential figures.

Although on the one hand it might be understood that a group of people who do not have emotions will not be an interesting spectacle, in terms of their correlation with the story, when this anime continues to ask the questions above, it is also clear how inappropriate the characters are.

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