5 Tips to Become a Successful Person

Everyone must want to be a successful and successful individual. In this case, success means being able to achieve brilliant achievements in your life, both in terms of education, career, health, love, and religious. I wonder, what are some tips on being a successful person that is easy to implement? That is the topic that will be discussed by cptcertification.club this time.

Before reading the tips from us, all you have to realize is the concept that “success comes from within”. In essence, no matter how rich or successful you are, but if you don’t feel successful, then that doesn’t matter at all. Therefore, in addition to trying to be successful in the eyes of the community, you must also be able to make peace with yourself to be able to achieve true success. Immediately, here are the tips from us:

1.Find someone who can guide you to the path of success

One thing to remember, to be successful in any field, you cannot do it alone. You need guidance from people who have succeeded in this field, because they can not only provide you with technical knowledge, but also a variety of motivations and experiences that you may have never thought of. maia chairul tanjung

If you cannot explore science directly from these people, try to do it indirectly. For example by looking at the achievements and achievements, understanding the story of his life, and trying to understand their mindset.

2. Being near successful people

To build a successful mentality, you need to put yourself among successful people. Not only as a source of motivation, you can use these successful people as learning material and also as relationships. Therefore, try to build networks with people who are successful, both professionally, materially, and spiritually.

Try to come to seminars held by successful figures. Read their life stories, watch their videos, and instill in yourself that you can be as successful as one day, or even more successful than all of them.


Determine the main target and try to focus on pursuing this. Don’t let yourself be bothered with small things that can obscure or keep you from success. Indeed, to be able to stay focused requires seriousness, perseverance and high sacrifice; and this is what all successful people in the world do.

If you want to be more focused, try to divide your target into several smaller targets. Focus from one small section to another, then determine the ideal time period to reach it. Suppose your main focus is “study abroad”, then break your target into a small sub-unit, such as “learn English”, “seek scholarships”, and “get good grades”.

4.Understand things that can help you reach your target

When pursuing a particular target, know with certainty various things that can facilitate your process in reaching it. These things can be in the form of material (money), relationships, or certain abilities; such as the ability to speak foreign languages, the ability to use certain computer software , and other important things.

When you know these things clearly, learn the possibilities for mastering them. By doing this, your target will be more easily achieved and your path to success will be smoother.

5.Be careful with your confidence

To be a successful person, you must be very careful with confidence. Don’t get too high, and don’t get too low. Low self-confidence will make you become a person who is inferior and afraid to try new things. This will not bring you closer to success.

At one time, sometimes you also need to reduce your confidence. Especially when accepting criticism, suggestions, and opinions from others. Self-confidence that is too high can make other people’s suggestions and advice go right and come out of your left ear. Therefore, know when you have to set the level of confidence.

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