4 Smart Ways to Get More Irritable with Online Transportation

The more sophisticated technology in this day and age, transportation can be ordered online . In several major cities in Indonesia, online lyft promo code first time user transportation is not a stranger.

Online transportation is present as a solution to congestion in big cities with relatively affordable prices. Some online transportation platforms have even been popular with the public, such as Uber, Gojek, and Grab. All offer services to deliver consumers to their destinations faster and also cheaper.

Even though it’s all online , you must remain wise in using online transportation. Wisely in using the budget for online transportation . You can save money by utilizing various attractive offers from the online transportation company.

Usually each online transportation platform offers prices that are different from each other. Therefore, it must be smart to take advantage of existing offers.

Here is a more economical way to use online transportation .

Take advantage of the E-Money Presence Provided by the Platform

E-money or electronic money is a type of money that is not physically tangible. Usually electronic money commonly used is credit and debit cards or ATMs. For those of you who want to try electronic money transactions, you can take advantage of the features provided by your chosen online transportation platform . For example, want to ride Go-Jek, can pay through Go-Pay.

By using Go-Pay, you will get a discount of up to 25 percent every time you use it for transportation purposes. Grab users can also take advantage of the GrabPay feature by entering a promo code first. Get up to 60 percent discounts and a free 10 X ride on Grab Car through the Grab Pay feature. With this promo, you can be more economical instead.

Price discount offer from promo code, don’t waste it

Currently saving money for online transportation can also be done by utilizing a promo code. To get this promo code, usually the online transportation will send an email to the customer. Or bring up a pop ad as soon as you open the application. We can also look for promo codes like this through discount coupon providers, such as Saleduck, Picodi, and Iprice. You can also search for an online transport promo code through Google.

Compare Prices between One Platform and Other Platforms

As consumers who are faced with various online transportation options , you can compare prices. How, use open one online transportation platform application , check the price. Then not the other platforms and see the price. That way, it will be clear to you what the tariff is charged to the destination. From there you can choose which tariffs are cheaper.

Given points or rewards can be a way to create cheaper rates

One of the best programs provided by several online transportation platforms is a loyalty program. Faithful customers will get reward points that can be exchanged later. For example, for Go-Jek customers who use Go-Pay will get one point. Later the collected points can be exchanged for a discount voucher. The voucher can be exchanged at the merchant that works with the online transportation . Or it could be a solution to get a discount on transportation fares.

More efficient by sharing a ride

In order to enjoy more efficient online transportation , you can also share a ride for a cheaper rate. This method can be done for Uber, Go-jek, or Grab users. If there are many ways to save money, why not use it now?

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